Confidential Document Disposal: we are getting used to reading about data leaks and breaches of confidentiality in both corporate and private individuals these days. In the early days of the internet – lots of people did not want to shop online or provide credit card details for fear of data theft.


Thankfully – this fear has greatly decreased – but data leaks continue to impact online and paper based security still.


Be aware of your business data security


Business people (and people in general) are becoming much more aware of their information security in all aspects – whether it is on paper (such as receipts, legal forms, applications etc), computer files or even items such as your credit card or debit card.


In the past – the major risk was that your confidential document disposal processes would be weak – and your private or confidential data would fall into the wrong hands. Issues such as these are generally easy enough to deal with – by implementing a sensible document disposal system – using confidential shredding bins – or a shredder for your office.


However – the world is changing – and there are new threats to your data security all the time.


A number of years ago – there were news reports that some Government agencies in Germany – were resorting to using old fashioned type writers – as anything connected to the internet was in theory not secure.


Of course – this will not apply (thankfully) to the vast majority of Australian businesses – or type writer sales may take a jump!


In this blog today we will look at potential methods to protect you against skimming – i.e. when criminals seek to copy data from the magnetic strip on an ATM card.



A bit about Waster and how we can help your business


Waster offers low cost, reliable and of course secure confidential document disposal bins – so you can ensure your business is taking all reasonable and sensible precautions against information theft and identity crime.


We provide all standard and niche waste and recycling services in the Australian market – on flexible 30 day agreements – with no hidden fees!


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Confidential document disposal – can you protect yourself against skimming of credit and debit cards


When you have taken care of document shredding through a company like Waster (with perhaps confidential document disposal bins or similar) – you may want to take the next step and look at protection against electronic crime such as skimming.


If you are asking what skimming even is – you should probably read this – or speak to your business security specialist. There is a saying that the criminals get smarter just as quickly as the technology does!


US website defines “skimming” as below:


“Credit card skimming is a type of credit card theft where crooks use a small device to steal credit card information in an otherwise legitimate credit or debit card transaction.”


“When a credit or debit card is swiped through a skimmer, the device captures and stores all the details stored in the card’s magnetic strip. Thieves use the stolen data to make fraudulent charges either online or with a counterfeit credit card.”


confidential document disposal bins

To help prevent this risk – there are a number of advertised products that promise to stop the skimming process. For example – the CardGuard promises to:


“The CARDGUARD intervenes during the entry and exit of the magnetic card to and from the card reader and this prevents the card data from being copied (skimmed).”


“A false front is stuck over the entry of the card reader on an ATM/SST for fraudulent attempts to copy the information from the magnetic stripe of the bank customer’s card.”



“The CARDGUARD detects the entry and eject of the card by using various references and ensures the security of the card data at these times. It is almost impossible to copy a card that is used in an ATM/SST that has an CARDGUARD installed.”


Whilst we do not vouch for this product – it is certainly an interesting approach to data security.


Thankfully – you can prevent most issues by taking simple and cost effective steps – such as using confidential document disposal bins. Common sense goes a long way in most things – for example, most theft can be prevented by locking doors and leaving valuables out of site.


Most information security issues can be reduced significantly – with a shredding bin of course.


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