Does Deleting Emails Save The Earth? 📧: You’ve probably heard of different ways you can do at home to save the Earth… but none more strange than deleting your stored emails. Experts say this is the new way we can do our part to help our environment. Read on below to learn more.

Once upon a time, people wrote letters by hand and used a postal service to have their messages delivered to their intended receiver. As once upon a time was long ago – we are now in the digital age and use emails to send messages to anyone wherever they are in the world. This, of course, made sending messages much faster and reduced the need to use valuable resources such as paper and fuel.

However, with all the good things emails provided mentioned above, there still is a glaring problem, according to experts. Emails, to everyone’s surprise, leave a carbon footprint. Now, this only means one thing: deleting emails is now one way to save the Earth.

Usually when you hear about the topic ‘saving the Earth’, one would think of the following: cutting down on plastic and paper usage, bringing reusable alternatives to the market instead of plastic bags, using recycled items instead of those manufactured from virgin natural resources, saving gas and plenty more. But what if I told you that there is one more thing you could do to do your part and save the Earth?

And as already mentioned above, that way is deleting your emails. But hold up, how can a mere email deletion significantly impact the big, wide world? Is that even possible? Apparently, experts say it is! This made you check both your read and unread emails, I bet.


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Now, let us go on and talk about how deleting emails can save the Earth.


Here’s how deleting emails can save the Earth

News flash: emails do leave a carbon footprint. How so?

Electronic mail, or simply email, is stored in what we call the cloud. Whatever type of emails they are, whether they are read, unread or spam, are all generally stored on the cloud.

Cloud storage, to keep it up and running, requires a lot of electricity. Unfortunately, the majority of the world still uses fossil fuels to generate electricity. Fossil fuels produce what we call carbon emissions that have the potential to harm the environment.

From your computer or mobile device to your router, to the electricity wires outside your own homes that connect to your internet provider, up until the very end: the receiver of your email – these all use electricity and are stored on the server until they are deleted.

With how many of us use our devices and send and store our emails, that would mean that would translate to countless amount of carbon emissions.

You know where all of this is going, right? This apparently means that we are contributing more to the detriment of the world by leaving our emails on read or unread. And the way to save the Earth from this is by deleting our emails.


Wait, how does deleting emails even save the Earth?

When you delete emails, you mitigate the problems mentioned above.

Carbon emissions from emails, in particular, are removed if you delete emails, therefore saving the Earth.


Things to do

  • Always check your spam emails. If you see spam emails, then you know what to do. Check if some are important, then proceed to delete them immediately.
  • After reading your emails, delete them. Never left them on read whilst letting them stay in your inbox and not deleting them.
  • Are you always receiving unnecessary emails? If you are, then you are subscribed to their newsletter. If they are unimportant to you and only serve as extra mail, then delete them from your inbox.


Waster’s final thoughts on this

As experts claimed this, then we would advise you to follow what they said and delete your emails. Deleting your emails would save the world.

However, there are still far bigger environmental problems to be solved than a simple email deletion can fix. These main problems are caused by companies with unsustainable practices. Those are what we want to see improve. We want to see those solved before we go around stating that you should go delete your emails to save the world.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.


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