Earth Day 2020 🌏: If you ask me what day I’m excited about, my answer would be 22 April 2020. I’m fairly ecstatic about the 50th celebration of Earth Day, after all! But what makes me so excited about it, anyway?


Well, that’s because of the exposure and addressing of the environmental problems we face today. It gives Earth a platform to voice out its distress.


As a result, what measures should we do this Earth Day 2020? Should we address more climate change, or advocate fervently about environmental sustainability?


Let me pour in my thoughts and views about it.


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Now, let us continue with the blog on Earth Day 2020.


Earth Day 2020: What Theme Is It This Year?


According to its official website, the theme for this year’s Earth Day will be “climate action”. With this in mind, we see all sorts of people advocating for climate change solutions.


Let us see what happens from here on come Earth Day 2020. I think it is also important to learn Earth Day’s history and what-not, so let’s have a go at it!




Earth Day first started on 22 April 1970. It became a forum addressing the current problems we face here on Earth, usually pertaining to pollution, climate change, global warming, etc.


It all started in the United States when air pollution was rampant. This is due to the fact that back then, automobiles were very inefficient. Additionally, factories and such were emitting out so much air contaminants, but Americans looked at it positively, thinking prosperity is what this meant.


This all changed in 1970, thanks to the efforts of US senator Gaylord Nelson. He came up with the idea of Earth Day, after all.


20 million Americans backed him up on this, taking to the streets and voicing out their disdain on the environmental problems they faced that time. And that moment inspired other countries to do the same.


Fast forward to today, and we have more than 190 countries participating – about a billion fighting for our environment!


How Can We Help In Earth Day 2020?


I, being a concerned citizen and all, want to share with you some ways on how we can help in Earth Day 2020. After all, small actions result in much bigger ones if done with passion!


1. Don’t Use Plastic Straws


metal straw



This Earth Day 2020, one thing you could do is avoid, or at least minimise, using plastic straws. Try to find alternatives for it, e.g., metal straws, bamboo straws, or better yet, go strawless! Read our blog on plastic straws.


2. Try To Plant A Tree


tree planting for earth day 2020


If you’re listening to your science classes, you would definitely know how important trees are. They provide us with shade, oxygen, and all kinds of resources. Unfortunately, deforestation has now become rampant all across the globe. To counter this and help in the advocacy of Earth Day 2020, we could try to plant at least one tree. Imagine numerous people planting at least one tree… That would be great, right?


3. Go Paperless


paperless office


By now, I know many of us have already been accustomed to using the computer. Another way to promote Earth Day 2020 is to lessen the need for paper in an office, considering that many of us work in offices. Use e-mails instead of paper in sending documents whenever possible. Check out our blog on the paperless office for more information.


4. Divert Organic Waste From Landfill


organic waste composting for earth day 2020


Another way to help in Earth Day 2020 is by diverting compostable, organic waste from landfill. Compost them in your garden, if possible – or send them to recyclers. That would be a win-win situation: Organic waste does not rot in a landfill, and you make your enrich your garden’s soil! Why is it bad to put organic waste in a landfill? Well, that is because when it decomposes there, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas.


5. Donate Your Old, Usable Items


Instead of disposing of your still-usable items in the trash bin, why not donate them to the needy instead? For example, your used clothes can still be used by other people, so donating them to charity or organisations would be a good option. Other examples of donatable items include mattresses, food, toys, etc.


6. Volunteer Cleaning Up The Environment


street sweeping


One more way of helping in Earth Day 2020 is to volunteer in cleaning the environment. If you have spare time, why not use it in cleaning the environment? Join a Clean Up Australia movement! Many people here in Australia would surely appreciate it, by all means.


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Earth Day 2020: Conclusion


Before wrapping up our blog on Earth Day 2020, let me first state what I have concluded while writing this. The one thing I want to see happen is for people to treat every day as Earth Day.


In the first place, there shouldn’t even be an Earth Day. But don’t get me wrong, I love me some Earth Day myself, but isn’t it better if we treat every day like Earth Day?


In saying this, I am still quite excited on Earth Day 2020, so let us all stay tuned until 22 April 2020!


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