Environmental companies: Mr Waster watched the annual citizenship ceremony on TV this recently and asked himself do we appreciate what we have in this country as regards the environment, clean air and water and pretty good environmental companies and standards such as EPA legislation that protect them.


When you read about the damage to the Great Barrier Reef you do wonder sometimes.


If you are a new graduate or just someone seeking a career change – you may be looking at the best environmental companies to work for – or just at companies that do not damage the environment! It is nice to work with or for companies that actually practise what they preach – and do the right thing by the environment.


In 2019 and 2020 – there is an entire new generation of young people – who are very focused on climate change, environmental sustainability and areas related to that. You only have to watch the news to be aware of the climate strikes by school students in Australian cities and of course – the global profile of Greta!


In today’s blog – we will cover some of the various types of environmental companies active in Australia.


A bit about Waster


Waster offers a difference to other environmental companies as we offer flexible, 30 day agreements (no lock in contracts) for waste and recycling services to small and medium Australian businesses.


We are certainly an environmental company – as we publish huge amounts of content – from blogs, to infographics or videos – helping people recycle more in their small businesses.



You can check out our services and prices by accessing our online waste shop here:


So what types of environmental companies are there?


When you hear the new citizens answer questions about why they love Australia so much, the incredible climate and environment is one of the main reasons. I think sometimes you need to travel to see other countries to really appreciate the wonder of Australia. I also sometimes think because everywhere we look is so pristine – sometimes we do not appreciate it. Maybe it is a case of “the grass is greener far away”.


I often think that what is a creek or river in Australia would be a place of special national pride in so many other countries. For example, we have national parks in close proximity to our capital cities that our like nowhere else on earth.


environmental solutions company


So what types of environmental companies actually are there – we can mention the general categories as below:


Environmental recycling companies – these are businesses who are involved in the collection and processing of recycling commodities. Waster will fall into this category.


Recycling technology businesses – there is new recycling technology and innovation coming on stream all the time. We have covered a number of these innovations in our blogs – such as nappy recycling or using hidden barcodes on products to simplify recycling separation.


This sort of innovation by environmental companies creates lots of good jobs for graduates in roles such research and development and scientific work.


Environmental consultancies – a third and growing area of work for environmental companies – is in the area of providing consultation to individuals, companies or organisations on the environmental implications of activity.


Many companies are seeking to reduce their environmental footprint – or become carbon neutral. 


Companies will thus require advice and consultation on issues as diverse as reducing water usage, to looking at new forms of packaging for their products.


Environmental building solutions – one area where Australia really is far behind others such as Germany is in environmentally sustainable building and housing.


In some countries – building what are known as passive houses are becoming much more common. These buildings take energy efficiency to new levels – and reduce the amount of energy needed for heating or cooling to very small amounts.


In many ways – these buildings are the opposite of most Australian homes. They have very high insulation and reduce large open spaces.


A final kind of environmental company – is simply any company that really cares about it’s environmental footprint – and uses sustainable packaging and production methods.


Waster works with lots of companies like this to boost recycling and reduce general waste going to landfill.


The good news is that usually – boosting recycling can actually reduce costs for waste management also!


Ensure you choose reputable environmental companies to ensure protection of the environment


Ensuring that our business waste is treated correctly and that recycling is maximised is one tangible thing we can do to help ensure the Aussie environment remains as pristine in the years to come (see reduce waste). Boosting recycling has a double benefit – for the environment of course, but also for your profit and loss account (as recycling is often cheaper than dumping in general waste).


If you are starting out in your career (and seeking the best environmental companies to work for) – environmental companies jobs will only increase over the medium term. Nationally and globally – there is much more focus on being sustainable – whilst of course still being profitable.


The good news is that studies show that sustainable businesses also tend to be more profitable and long lasting!


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