Fast Food Waste And Recycling 🍔: Where do you immediately go when you need to grab a bite to eat? Do you go to Macca’s? Or do you go to the nearest KFC? Maybe you favour Subway sandwiches, I presume? Whatever you prefer from those mentioned, it is important that you properly dispose of or recycle the packaging after consumption.


Unfortunately, we can still see heaps of fast food packaging waste daily. As the fast food industry rises globally, so does the waste that goes with it. What can these big corporations do to mitigate the growing waste? Furthermore, what can the average person do to help? Read on to learn more.


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Recycling Fast Food Waste: Starting With The Corporations

You do really have to wonder sometimes – do these big fast food chains all around the world do their part to clean up the waste they produce? It is already no surprise to find tonnes of takeaway food thrown in the fast food chain’s vicinity – or even farther.


If you really do think about it, the fast food culture hurts more than it helps. Who wouldn’t like to get something instant, right? That is what the fast food industry offers – along with the heavily (and unnecessary, to say the least) packaged grub people can’t wait to feast on. This certainly spells unsustainability.


Also, to further boost this statement’s validity, studies in the past have depicted fast food as the biggest source of litter. And, with all these statements, we do not see any significant improvements from the fast food chains themselves when it comes to cutting down on the packaging. But there are initiatives.


Let us take a look at McDonald’s as an example.


McDonald’s Initiative

One famous example is McDonald’s commitment to better their fast food packaging waste recycling efforts. By 2025, they want their packaging 100 per cent recyclable. Additionally, they plan to do so by utilising “renewable, recycled, or certified” sources, of course, by 2025.


According to them, they are focusing on 4 key strategies:


  •  Eliminate packaging through design innovation, introducing reusable solutions, and encouraging behaviour change to reduce usage
  • Shift materials to use 100% renewable, recycled, or certified content and streamline the variety of materials used to enable easier recovery without compromising on quality and performance
  • Recover and recycle by finding ways to scale up systems to allow for greater acceptance of recycling, and making it easier for our guests to recycle, too
  • Close the loop by using more recycled materials in our packaging, restaurants, and facilities, and helping to drive global demand for recycled content


What About The People’s Initiative In Food Waste Recycling?

Correspondingly, we also need to see actions done by the people, not just the corporations. First of all, they need to get their minds heard, which is something we are already seeing. Many already care about the happenings around the environment and want to do their part to help.


As a result, they – the environmentalists – call out the various fast food corporations for actions.


But even then, the consumers are at fault, too. After all, they are the ones who improperly dispose of the fast food rubbish instead of throwing it in the right bin, which takes zero to no effort at all. In other words, people – or consumers – should be disciplined enough to do what is right.

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How About The Small And Medium Food Businesses In Australia?

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We highly recommend that business follow a waste management plan to boost their fast food waste recycling, pick the right wheelie bin sizes for your business and lower their costs sustainably.


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Quick Summarisation Of Food Waste And Recycling

The fast food industry continues to grow day by day. Along with the growth also comes the mountains of rubbish produced. As a result, both the fast food corporations and consumer should be responsible of the fast food waste.


As for businesses in Australia who want to be more environmentally aware, Waster can help you out. Check out the blue button at the above page for a list of our waste management and recycling services.


Waster: Things You Need To Know

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