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Table of contents for this article include: 

I. Feminine/Females’ sanitary bins
II. Sanitary bins
III. Sanitary bins in Perth
IV. Sanitary waste services
V. Sanitary bins Sydney
VI. Sanitary disposal bins
VII. Feminine hygiene bins
VIII. Sanitary bins Melbourne
IX. Ladies’ sanitary bin service cost


Female sanitary bins


As we offer you a comprehensive, single provider of all services, we also provide niche services to our customers such as grease trap cleaning, confidential paper disposal and of course feminine hygiene bins for offices, workspaces and shopping centres, etc.


Benefits of arranging female sanitary bins through Waster


We provide the latest, modern design 22-litre sanitary bins that measure c.0.6 m high, minimising floor space whilst maximising storage capacity whilst ensuring a pleasant bathroom experience.


The bins provided are easily cleaned and of course small enough to be conveniently moved around your location for a convenient position and also enabling cleaning of the floor space under and around the bin.


Our pricing is all-inclusive and there are no additional charges such as collection charge, bin rental fees etc like those charged by some other providers etc.


Like all other Waster services, we provide female sanitary bins for your washrooms on flexible 30-day agreements, meaning you never need to sign a long term contract again. You can book your service by contacting us or by booking online. Press the blue button below to visit our online waste shop:



Implementing Proper Female Sanitary Waste Disposal


In order to have a hygienic bathroom, female sanitary bins should be properly implemented to ensure and maintain cleanliness.


Let me tell you what happens when your establishments’ bathrooms don’t have proper female sanitary bins. It usually leads to poor practices such as improper disposal of hygiene products.


Let me discuss with you first a hygiene pad’s makings.


A sanitary pad usually contains so much plastic-estimated at around 90 per cent. That means a pack of sanitary pads equates to about 4 plastic bags. Moreover, a single piece of sanitary pad takes about 500 years to fully break down and decompose.


Did you know that in the UK, an estimated 1.5-2 billion items are flushed down the toilet yearly regarding sanitary products?


So it is important to treat them correctly from an environmental perspective.


Improper disposal of pads and tampons prove to have a massive and negative impact on our environment.


For example, beach cleaners record 6 pieces of sanitary waste for every 100 m of beach. That roughly equates to about 2 million of those items disposed of in the UK coastline.


Sadly enough, they either end up in waste incineration facilities or in a landfill.


Correct female sanitary bin disposal services


Dr Ann Borkowski once stated, “I don’t want to contribute 40 years of garbage to a landfill just to manage something that shouldn’t even be seen as a problem”.


“It seems like something we should have a little more control of by now. I don’t want to have that kind of burden on the planet” she added. It just means that people should be held responsible for the waste they make, whatever that waste may be – in this case, it’s all about sanitary products.


For one, the implementation of a proper female sanitary waste disposal is a must.


Non-plastic female sanitary bin products


Susie Hewson, founder and CEO of Natracare said: “Thirty years of campaigning for and developing environmentally compatible sanitary products has led to this perfect storm of actions to reduce plastic entering landfill and our oceans.


“By choosing plastic-free, women have the power to help protect the environment and their own health,” she added.


Importance of a clean washroom experience


Now that we’ve tackled everything we need to know about female sanitary bins and the like, let’s talk about the importance of maintaining a clean washroom now.


A clean washroom hygiene experience is vital for both customers and employees. This, of course, can cover items such as air freshener, soap dispenser, nappy disposal bin (if appropriate) and a sanitary disposal unit. It gives you peace of mind that your hygiene and comfort are being taken care of.


In some cases, sanitary disposal may also be a legal requirement for you.


Evidence shows that customers will not return to a cafe or restaurant if the bathroom was not clean. A sanitary disposal unit, and a clean bathroom will help on this end. It also greatly reduces the spread of germs safely and hygienically.


Just think about how often you visit chain restaurants or hotels to use the bathroom when travelling in foreign countries.


How do you even clean a public restroom full of people going in and out of it? In case you didn’t know, check this video out to learn more.





Whether you own a small or big company, a clean and well-maintained bathroom will be appreciated and well-received by your employees and customers alike. Here at Waster, we fully support having a hygienic bathroom. So of course, we offer our female sanitary bins to you.


Check out our other waste and recycling services


Aside from providing female sanitary bin services, we also have other waste and recycling services to offer you.


Consolidating all waste management and recycling services (such as sanitary waste disposal) through Waster lets you benefit immensely. Our services also include consolidated invoicing, payment, and account management.


When you have a query, you will have a designated contact who will pick up and answer your queries.


As Waster is focused on delivering sustainable waste management costs to small-and-medium businesses through Australia, you will receive market-leading customer service. You also receive prompt issue resolution if things go wrong, and a real person to speak to to resolve your issues. Each customer is given a dedicated Waster contact person for issue resolution.


Check out our piece on sanitary services and also sanitary disposal for clean bathrooms below.



Sanitary bins


Sanitary bins: A clean and fresh washroom experience is vital to the customer or employee experience in modern offices, shopping centres and workplaces across Australia. Ask yourself this – would you ever consider returning to a cafe or restaurant where the bathroom was not clean and pleasant? Surveys show that people will never return, even if they thought the food was great.


A bit about Waster


Waster provides an easy, online booking and account management system for all your female hygiene and sanitary bin requirements across Australia. We currently provide online booking and servicing of customers in the following cities: Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Devenport, Burnie, Melbourne, Geelong and Perth. Please contact us if you have any queries or check out our huge numbers of informative blogs on all topics from recycling to saving money on your bin collections.


Our sanitary bins and what you need to know


Waster.com.au provides modern, slimline sanitary bin systems that will improve the quality of your washroom as regards feminine hygiene bins. We offer a contemporary design 22-litre receptacle that is c.0.6 m high. This size is the perfect combination enabling the preservation of floor space in the washroom with sufficient practical storage.


The bin is easily cleaned and is small enough to be conveniently moved, enabling cleaning of the floor space under and around the bin.


The graphic below provides an illustration as to the size and dimensions of the bathroom sanitary bins. The graphic is shown against a silhouette of a woman of average height i.e. 1.65m which, apparently, is the average height of an Australian woman.


Waster can provide automatic sanitary bin (e.g., female sanitary bins) units as well as manual units to best suit your business requirements.




Our sanitary bins will help you achieve a hygienic washroom as well as a visually appealing one. A bathroom can be a prime area for bacteria due to the moist atmosphere and often limited ventilation. This makes the correct choice in sanitary bins even more important.


How to easily and securely arrange reliable sanitary services today


Booking a female sanitary bin service through Waster is extremely easy!


Simply go to our online sanitary bins shop and select the service and location for your business. There, you can check out useful information such as its current pricing. A friendly customer service agent will then call you to confirm your details.


Note: please contact us directly if you also require nappy disposal bins.


Another note: Waster also provides comprehensive medical waste disposal options through our online shop.



What is included in your sanitary services plan?


The pricing plan that you will receive is fully inclusive and covers sanitary bins rental, collection, disposal and maintenance. You can rest assured that there are no hidden charges associated with your contract.


Top grade account management from Waster.com.au is also included in your plan. Waster prides itself on offering the best customer service and account management in the waste and sanitary services sector. Your invoices and payment processes will be provided through electronic methods enabling ease of payment and management.


sanitary bins units




We are certain that Waster can provide an appealing and financially rewarding sanitary bins solution for your business. Contact us today to arrange your services. You can also check out other informative blogs on subjects such as grease trap cleaning.



Sanitary bins Perth


Things you need to know about sanitary bins in Perth


There is an old saying that for a happy life you should invest in a good bed and a good pair of shoes – because if you are not in one, you will be in the other. In the same measure, it is true that in any modern and pleasant office or work environment as well as in any commercial property such as a shop or restaurant – the bathroom experience is important to peoples positivity. Ensuring your staff and customers are positive and view your business in a positive light can really lead to productivity gains and staff morale.


You can check out this article on Bloomberg looking at the ideal office bathroom.


In this part of the blog, we discuss the common misconceptions people have when organising commercial sanitary bins for Perth services.


We have covered in a recent blog whether having commercial sanitary bins Perth services for your company is actually a legal requirement. And to be honest, the law is very unclear on the matter.


You have to provide a sanitary experience and a bathroom for staff. But, it is not stated that you must offer for example pink sanitary bins in Perth. In our opinion, we think that it is definitely worth the expense.


Is it a needless extra cost to arrange commercial sanitary bins in Perth?


Arranging sanitary bin services in Perth is quite a low cost for the value you get. Most companies such as smaller offices with a small number of employees require sanitary bin services once a month. This price is all inclusive and includes the provision of the bin, etc.


Waster will provide the sanitary bin unit – a modern 22-litre unit (either manual or automatic) depending on your requirements for your washroom.


You can arrange your sanitary bins service in Perth, alongside all your other waste and recycling services such as bins or grease traps, in our online waste shop by pressing on the blue buttons available above or below in the blog.


Are sanitary bins in Perth really worth the stress and hassle or is it just another supplier to organise?


Waster offers all waste and recycling options from general waste to confidential paper disposal and grease trap services for small and medium Australian businesses. It can make sense to arrange all your services through one supplier.


All our services are on flexible 30-day agreements, meaning you do not need to sign a long term contract. We provide convenient electronic invoicing or a direct debit option so you have no management time to spend each month.


Our cleaners will have to move the bins; they do not want to!


Waster provides service personnel that will come to your premises and do all the work. There is no requirement for extra labour from your staff.


This means that you do not have very much to worry about at all. It is a complete service – from delivery of the bin to swap over, etc. It is all included.


Would I have to buy the sanitary bins unit in Perth myself?


No. We provide the sanitary bins unit in Perth and do not charge a rental fee. This is all included in your price. So, you can be certain that your bin is modern, user-friendly and well-maintained.


Check out our blog on rubbish bins Perth for a cheat sheet on booking services.


Pink sanitary bins Perth


Sanitary waste services


Sanitary waste services: When you are organising general waste management and recycling services for your business or place of work, it can be very easy to forget about ancillary or niche services that you may require such as commercial female sanitary waste bin services for your washrooms, confidential paper disposal or grease trap cleaning.


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Through Waster you can arrange all services through one trustworthy provider and benefit from the ease of service, a single invoice and flexible 30-day terms.


Waster provides low-cost waste management and recycling services to small and medium businesses (and to be honest – not so small) throughout Australia. We operate in all major metro regions and offer our services on flexible 30-day agreements. So, you do not need to worry about signing a long term, multi-year contract again.


Sanitary waste services: add to waste services and relax


A professional commercial sanitary waste service is vital to present a clean, modern and appealing washroom experience in your business or place of work. Waster provides sanitary bin services at affordable prices. This sanitary bin service cost is all-inclusive and includes delivery, rental, collection, disposal etc.


Most businesses request a collection every four weeks, so, as you can see, it is a very accessible price for a vital service.


Sanitary waste services


This service includes the supply of the commercial sanitary bin unit –  a 22-litre unit. We can provide traditional unit styles or also automatic units which can be opened without touching for increased hygiene.


Sanitary bins Sydney


Sanitary bins Sydney: We know that as a busy business operator in Sydney, you have many things to be thinking about increasing sales to ensuring your staff are motivated. Business is getting more competitive all the time, so you really need to dedicate all your resources to staying ahead.


Did you know those pleasant office surroundings (including the bathrooms) is an important component in achieving staff engagement? Of course, we do not need to have breakout zones like in the case of Google or Silicon Valley. But, having a pleasant washroom experience can be pretty easy to achieve.


This is, of course, also very important for cafes and restaurants – any business where customers may need to use the bathroom. Having an untidy or unpleasant bathroom can really spoil the atmosphere and experience.


Evidence shows that very few paying customers would consider returning to a business with unpleasant or unclean bathrooms.


Booking a female sanitary bin service in Sydney is super easy with Waster


You can easily arrange your required waste services such as Sydney commercial sanitary bins waste services through our online waste shop by pressing the blue button below.


For more details on pink sanitary bins in Sydney or commercial sanitary disposal bins in Sydney, please browse our blogs or call our friendly customer service team. We will be very happy to answer all your questions.



Sanitary bins in Sydney and tips on office etiquette


Whilst you hope that everyone knows how to use a bathroom, there is a saying that common sense is actually not common at all!


Mr Waster stumbled across an interesting article in the Huffington Post recently linked here on essential rules for office bathroom etiquette. We hope you will find some that we quote below interesting:


  • Don’t wear shoes memorable enough to be recognized under a bathroom stall.
  • Find the safe haven toilets, usually located on the client meeting floor (with nicer bathrooms).
  • Don’t wait for someone to open the door for you or bother using a hand towel on the knob. Grow up. If you shake hands, ride in cabs, or eat in restaurants, this won’t make a difference.
  • No long conversations at the urinal (a simple “Hey man” or nod is acceptable). And, absolutely no talking between stalls.
  • No loitering. Get in and out as efficiently as possible; you never know what you’ll encounter. I once saw what I can only presume was a four-legged man in a stall at a gas station on I-95.



  • If there’s a nice hotel nearby, take a walk. Then grab a coffee on your way back, just to let your stomach know who’s boss.
  • Don’t talk on the phone. If I’m on the other end and I hear an echo, any weird noises, or even a sloppy attempt at muting, I’m hanging up.


sanitary bin service sydney


  • They’re not movie theatre seats. I don’t care how entertaining this timeline is, handle your business and get out (hiding interns get a pass on this).
  • No pulling rank. In the bathroom, everyone is equal, including your boss’ boss.


Conclusion on sanitary bins in Sydney


A commercial sanitary bin can be key to maintaining a clean and pleasant bathroom experience for staff and customers alike.


Sanitary bin services in Sydney are extremely economical for all businesses.


You can organise services at a low cost, so why wait?


See our blog on rubbish removal in Sydney CBD.


Sanitary Disposal Bins


Sanitary Disposal Bins: Mr Waster was reading a book on chain restaurants recently, which seem to be taking over the world. Thankfully, Australia is not as chain restaurant heavy as countries like the USA. Apparently, chain restaurants and hotels/motels developed in the USA with the growth of the motor car.



Tourists and business travellers would choose a brand they knew that offered standard service when in a new or unfamiliar town. This of course can now be seen with the proliferation of Macca’s, Starbucks and brand name hotels worldwide.



In a huge country like the USA, and in many ways Australia, this makes sense. If you are a busy travelling worker or holidaymakers, you often want to feel comfortable and at ease in your new surroundings.


One of the standards customers demand is a pleasant bathroom experience. If you think about it, many holidaymakers in overseas countries visit brands they know purely for this reason – to experience the level of comfort and cleanliness that they expect.


To ensure a nice washroom experience, you can organise sanitary disposal (female sanitary bins) at accessible prices through Waster. We are often asked if it is a legal requirement to provide commercial sanitary disposal bins in a washroom. Whilst the legislation is a grey area, we cover how there is not a legal requirement in this blog.


Having said that, organising sanitary disposal bins are a cheap and convenient method of ensuring a clean and pleasant bathroom.


Should you ask customers about bathroom cleanliness and [female] sanitary disposal bins?


Some businesses are now implementing computerised washroom grading, so visitors can grade the cleanliness, etc. of the bathroom. This system will usually have a point grading system on a scale such as 1-5, where one is not satisfactory. However, we ask: is this really a good idea?


You have probably seen these sort of systems, where 1 is a frown and 5 gets a beaming smiley face.


This online article by mcorpcx.com argues that it is not necessarily a good idea:


It’s a no brainer that this needs to be clean. This is why the four-point scale implied by the buttons in this photo won’t help the airport make many decisions – a clean bathroom is a dark green smiley face. Anything less isn’t clean. This is why that maintenance person needs to have the checklist in hand to help them make that call (Trash cans empty? Toilets working? Soap dispensers full? Water on the floor?), and the authority to fix it if there’s a problem.”


sanitary disposal bins


“But the bathroom? Just set the standards that define “clean” and make sure your people keep them that way. Then focus your efforts on ways to understand and delight your travellers, no matter how different they may be.”


We suppose a bathroom is one of those areas where you either pass or fail – and sanitary disposal services can be a vital component of passing that test.


Maybe the grading system for bathrooms should simply be pass or fail – and fail means that the client will likely never return.


Think about it, there is no point in investing heavily in food and decor in a restaurant if the bathroom lets you down. Essentially, this is where commercial sanitary disposal bins can really help you up to your performance. You can easily arrange sanitary disposal bins for your business.


Give us a call on 1300 928 837 to discuss sanitary disposal bins and your other recycling options further.


Also, see our blog on waste and recycling for offices.



Feminine hygiene bins


Feminine hygiene bins: when you are arranging your waste collection services and other required services such as various recycling streams, grease traps etc you should also think about whether you need to arrange a feminine hygiene bins service for your ladies bathrooms.


Arranging a clean and presentable washroom experience is vital if you are a restaurant, bar etc or for your employees in any work environment.


Of course, a great professional and discreet bathroom experience will require a little bit of effort from the owners. This could include a sanitary disposal unit, nappy disposal, soap dispensers, air fresheners, fresh flowers. Just that little bit of tender loving care can make a big difference.


What does Waster offer?


Through Waster you can organise all of your waste-related services such as female sanitary bins directly through us and obtain great prices, ease of services and not have to deal with multiple suppliers.


We currently provide high-quality washroom services in all major Australian metro regions: Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, Darwin, Adelaide South Australia, Hobart, Launceston, Devenport, Burnie, Melbourne, Geelong and Perth.


To check prices and book your service and arrange your schedule, simply access our online booking portal provide all throughout this blog (i.e., the blue button provided).


Female sanitary or hygiene bins services offered


We previously published a detailed blog posting on how to book your required sanitary bins service online through our waste booking portal.


Benefits of Waster’s approach


Waster offers modern, slimline commercial sanitary bin systems that are industry-leading. We offer a modern style 22-litre receptacle that is c.0.6 m high, minimising floor space whilst maximising capacity. Check out an image below.

Feminine hygiene bins



The bin is easily cleaned. It is also small enough to be conveniently moved, enabling cleaning of the floor space under and around the bin.


Our pricing is all-inclusive and has no additional charges such as collection charge, etc. See a complete list of our inclusions and more here.


By consolidating all your services through Waster, you will benefit from the ease of service and consolidated invoicing, payment and account management. When you have a query, you will have a designated contact who will answer your call and strive to resolve your issues.


As with all other Waster services, we offer flexible 30-day agreements, meaning that you do not need to be locked into long term multi-year contracts.


Check out an interesting article on why a clean bathroom can help your business at sanitary bins in Melbourne.


For more info on how to design an interesting bathroom, see here.




Washroom hygiene is vital for delivering a great customer experience. Evidence shows that an unpleasant bathroom will really hurt your business.


A little bit of effort and cost-efficient services such as a regular hygiene service, sanitary disposal bins and associated products and services can help you.


See a TV exposé as below on why hotel bathrooms are not always as clean as they appear!



Sanitary bins Melbourne


Sanitary bins Melbourne: One of the key aspects of an appealing hospitality location such as a bar, restaurant or any commercial property such as an office is a pleasant, clean and fresh bathroom.


Try to ponder or think about it. In some instances, people even visit branded or chain restaurants or cafes when overseas or in other cities just so they can use a nice clean bathroom.


I know I have gravitated towards a Macca’s or Starbucks on occasion when overseas just to use the bathroom. These companies know this and invest in clean and pleasant washroom facilities. There are even media reports about this practice by savvy travellers.


We will cover how sanitary disposal bins in Melbourne can help you grow your business. We will cover as well on how to lead to happier staff and customers.


Sanitary bins Melbourne: why a clean bathroom can really help your business


In the era of social media reviews and websites like TripAdvisor that let customers upload photos of hotels, etc., it has never been more important to offer a clean and fresh bathroom experience to customers. And of course, sanitary bins in Melbourne can play an important part in achieving this objective.


sanitary bin services melbourne


An article published by USA Today in 2013 (Would you eat in a restaurant with a dirty bathroom?) really hammers home this point and can really make it clear how important a clean bathroom is.


From the article…


“The most personal — and most telling — moment that a customer experience in a restaurant isn’t typically at the table.


It’s in the restroom.


Walk into a clean restaurant restroom, and all’s good. Walk into a dirty one, and there’s hell to pay. Some 50% of restaurant patrons who have a negative experience with a bathroom — from dirty toilets to grimy soap dispenses to bad odours — will blab about it to friends and family, according to a recent survey by Harris Interactive for SCA Tissue North America.


Even more seriously, it’s gonna cost business. Nearly 3 in 10 consumers surveyed said there are no second chances with dirty restrooms — and they would never return to the restaurant again.”


That’s why Starbucks, for example, requires that restrooms be cleaned and stocked at least three times daily — and, again, whenever the restaurant’s seating area is cleaned, says spokeswoman Lisa Passe. Restroom cleanings are done even more frequently in high-volume stores, Passe says.”


At Starbucks, the shift supervisor typically assigns the task, then verifies — and initials — that it has been completed. Materials for the floors and walls in Starbucks restrooms are specifically selected to be “easily cleanable,” she says.”


One key to McDonald’s turnaround that began way back in 2002 was former CEO Jim Cantalupo’s obsession with clean restaurants that had equally clean restrooms. Cantalupo used to walk into restaurants, unannounced, and hand no-holds-barred scorecards that he had printed on the back of his business cards to the often-shocked store managers. “When I see something wrong, someone’s gonna hear about it,” Cantalupo said in a 2003 interview with USA TODAY.”


The good thing for small and medium businesses is that organising sanitary disposal bins services in Melbourne is easier. It is also more cost-effective than ever through Waster.



You can check out other blogs we have posted on the topic such as wheelie bins for offices.


You can book your sanitary bins online here.



Ladies’ sanitary bin service cost


As a business owner or company, you may be required to provide sanitary disposal in your bathrooms for both staff and guests. So, to help you, we will cover how ladies sanitary bin service cost and what you could expect to pay for your services.


We covered in a previous blog how whilst there is not a specific legal requirement to provide sanitary bins in your business. There is a requirement to provide sanitary disposal, though it is not specified. See Safe Work Australia in this regard.


You will likely be pleasantly surprised at the low cost of female or ladies’ sanitary bin service cost for your business. And, you will also be delighted at how a sanitary bin service can be easy and stress-free to have!



You can easily check ladies sanitary bin service costs or the price of a general waste bin by clicking on the link below:



Ladies’ sanitary bin service cost: how much can you expect to pay?


Let’s get straight to the point. We will answer the question related to ladies sanitary bin service cost and what you can expect to pay.


Waster provides sanitary bin services in 22-litre sizes – the standard industry size for fitting in a standard bathroom.


Additionally, the bin is swapped for a new clean bin each time the service team visit. This ensures your hygiene is paramount at all times.


Ladies Sanitary Bin Service Cost


The total cost you pay will depend on how frequently you have the bin swapped over


Most small offices or business will only require the bin to be swapped over every four weeks.


The annual ladies’ sanitary bin service cost is thus $260+GST per annum.


Discounts for multiple sanitary bins


If you require multiple bins for a larger complex or regular weekly swap overs, please contact us for pricing.




When you consider that many businesses have a legal responsibility to provide sanitary disposal – the ladies sanitary bin service cost is very low and accessible for nearly every business.


It also ensures that your staff enjoy a clean and pleasant washroom environment.