Garbage Bin Companies: At waster – we are always promoting new ideas and best practise to help businesses achieve the dual objectives of boosting recycling and reducing their costs. The good news is that the two objectives generally go hand in hand. From our experience – one of the biggest obstacles to boosting recycling is not the availability of services but resistance by people – i.e. they are not interested in recycling or see it as worth the effort. In today’s blog – we are starting a series on how to engage your staff and ensure that your recycling is maximised.


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The Huffington Post had a very informative article recently on how to overcome resistance to recycling that you may see in the workforce. We will be discussing some of these points in future blogs – as there are too many for today’s blog.


According to the article, “only half of adults recycle daily. Another third of respondents said they recycle less frequently than that, and a full 13 percent revealed that they never recycle.”

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The article highlighted the reasons people do not recycle as much as they may like to as below: Reasons to not recycle


Note: the data above is for the USA, but will play out very similar in Australia. Our intention is to go through these objections one by one in a series of blogs – and suggest counter arguments.


Reason 1: Recycling is seen as inconvenient or times consuming


If your staff are extra busy – and have may daily tasks to complete, they may feel that separating waste and recycling to put in different bins is not worth the time or effort.


They may also not see the practical, financial and environmental benefits from doing the right thing.


How to counter this viewpoint


The first required step is usually to make doing the right thing easy – i.e. making recycling the easy option. This will involve working with your garbage bin companies to put in place a workable waste management plan and potentially posters and reminders around the work place.


When bins are positioned in optimal places – recycling can often become the easy option.


You should also reinforce how much money can be saved by recycling – it can really add up as levies on dumping general waste at landfill increase steadily.

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