Garbage collection for small businesses often is a different sort of experience that that delivered to larger or national businesses. Major corporations often have teams of skilled procurement and environmental officers who are well versed in the intricacies of garbage collection, recycling and the general skills required to buy intangible services at the best price and conditions.


Smaller businesses can often find themselves lumped into the “mums and dads” category by major national suppliers or described as “the tail”. In the waste industry as in so many others, smaller businesses provide the majority of customers by sheer numbers but tend to receive a weaker level of customer service or responsiveness by their supplier.


Case study: why have small businesses come to Waster in the first place?

When we analyse our customer base of small, and not so small businesses (many of our customers are in fact large corporates), they have tended to come across to us for a disparate range of reasons relating to garbage collection.


When we begin talking to potential customers we often ask the following questions:

– Do they have a current waste provider?

– What sort of services do they think they require for their business?

– What are they looking for as regards recycling?

– What sort of customer service do they hope to receive?


Many of these new customers for Waster have felt they were somewhat unappreciated by their suppliers in the past and experienced increasing prices, from what were once sharp, market competitive rates to prices that are now quite a significant drain on their financial performance.


What do the answers to the questions above tell us about garbage collection for small business?


1.Do they have a current waste provider: New businesses generally come to Waster from recommendations by a friend or by finding us through an internet search. We have built our business model around modern information technology so we can deliver constantly improving services without increasing prices. The beauty of modern IT is it is extremely scalable.


Clients who have had an existing supplier most want to move for one of the following reasons:

  1. Improved reliability of collections
  2. Better account management and recycling performance
  3. Lower prices or better cost control / stability
  4. A shorter term or more flexible contract.

Waster has built it’s model around these concerns.


2. What current services do they have: It is very rare to find a small or medium business that has fully optimised its collections and waste / recycling services so as to maximise recycling, minimise cost and decrease any impact on their business. By providing visibility on pricing options Waster enables these businesses to understand the real savings that can be made by making a few small changes to your back of house processes. Waster will always try to help you implement services that will best match your business needs.


3.What recycling performance are you hoping to achieve:

Vastly different recycling performances can be achieved by businesses if they make three choices:

  1. The types of collections they arrange – i.e. commingled, Paper and Cardboard
  2. The amount of effort they put into segregation of waste at their business location
  3. The assistance from their waste provider as regards posters, bin colours etc that can assist their staff in making the best environmental decision.

By moving to Waster, customers receive a greater potential supply of services -i.e. Waster can arrange the service that best suits their needs, not that which best suits the garbage collection company!


In this regard, better selection of services, combined with visibility on pricing (showing how recycling can save you money) and finally excellent customer service can help businesses improve their recycling performance whilst decreasing total spend.


4. More flexible contracts: we begin speaking to many customers when they are locked into a long term contract from their current provider with a steep exit penalty for leaving early.  We always make our terms and conditions extremely clear to customers – 30 day contracts which you can exit at any time (30 days written notice required) with the only fee payable a modest bin removal fee if your contract has been shorter than 1 year.

All Waster customers receive simple and clear electronic waste services invoices as standard.


Waster’s approach is that if you provide excellent value to our customers, they will prosper and not want to leave for an alternative provider.


Our customers have particularly appreciated this element of our service.