Garbage Collection Sydney: Mr Waster was thinking about the old days this weekend – and one of these sayings that “things change less in a year than you expect, but more in a decade“. As we are always working towards bringing technological and IT improvements to the realms of waste management (see blog on bin days) and recycling – to help improve customer service, we thought it would be a good idea to check out what garbage collection Sydney looked like not so long ago.

We often get asked questions about how technology and smart waste solutions are changing in the garbage collection Sydney and Australia industries. This is becoming more and more important as recycling is becoming more difficult following the restrictions implemented from early 2018 on recycling quality.


This means than new innovations and ideas are becoming necessary for our society to maintain or improve our recycling rates.


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Garbage collection Sydney – a reminder of waste collection norms in years gone by


Check out the picture below:

Garbage collection Sydney history

Whilst this picture was not taken in Sydney (I think it is from UK) it shows a number of things that were once common and are now seen as archaic – and highlight how far we have come!


The bins had no wheels. This is one of the biggest changes in garbage collection Sydney. Just like suitcases, for some reason, no one thought to put wheels on bins until very recently! This article claims that wheely bins were not invented until 1968 – and even then it was only for use in a UK factory. We were close to landing a man on the moon but we had not invented bins with wheels! Note – wheels on suitcases were not patented until four years later in 1972.


The bins were lifted manually to dump in the garbage truck – there was no robotic arm and disposing involved a huge amount of man power. Think how exhausting and dirty this work was for the men involved. Hard labour every day.


A squad of men followed the truck picking up bins – as the driver drove ahead. I can remember as a kid how the truck would slowly drive down the street with men moving quickly behind it and throwing waste in the back. A modern truck has a maximum of two people – and usually one.


All rubbish went in together – there was very little separation of waste and recyclables – for example, when was a cardboard recycling or yellow bin for commingled introduced at your house – see recycling Australia.


When we look at this – the saying “the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there” never seemed more appropriate.

Check out the interesting video below for more detail on historical waste management in Sydney and further afield.


The past is a foreign country – they do things differently there – and that is certainly the case as regards commercial garbage collection Sydney – from the trucks that were used to even the simple idea of wheels on bins.


Things have changed lots – with the input of Information Technology and a new focus on recycling.


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