Garbage Truck Driver Wally 🧑: Our readers always see his pictures on our website – blogs, pages, files and more. But now, it is time to learn more about his character. We introduce to you Mr Waster, Wally the garbage truck driver!

Wally the garbage truck driverHello, everyone!

With how bad the waste problem has gotten through the years, we need all the help we can get.  Not many people care enough about the environment, but Wally the garbage driver is here to inspire and urge us to save it by sharing his story: a story focused on, of course, waste and recycling!

We will start off by introducing the bright and resourceful character, Wally.

Who is this Wally fellow? What story does he have to share? And most importantly, how does he help keep the environment cleaner and more sustainable?

Learn more about who Wally is below.

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Before we go further and learn who Wally the garbage truck driver is and his story, let me share with you more information about Waster.

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Introducing Wally, the garbage truck driver known as Mr Waster!

By now, most of our readers have seen the image of Wally all over our website. This time, it is time to learn more about him!


Name: Wally

Age: 32 years old

Height: 186 cm

Nicknames: Mr Waster, Wally the garbage truck driverWally casual attire

Appearance: Wally the garbage truck driver, also known as Mr Waster is the enthusiastic, knowledgeable fellow at Waster that always has a smile on his face. He has gorgeous brown hair and a strong physique suitable for handling all kinds of waste. Wally wears his protective gear all throughout his work hours to protect himself from the unpredictable nature of waste. After work, he cleans up and wears his red Waster business suit, blue jeans and brown leather shoes, ready to mingle with everyone.


More on Wally, the garbage truck driver

Personality: Wally is a kind, cheerful and helpful person who has never-ending concerns for the well-being of the environment. Truly, he always talks about recycling! He loves helping small businesses with recycling as he cares deeply for the environment. He is also very friendly, never hesitating to talk to anyone. The moment he talks about anything waste and recycling-related, he goes on and on for what seems like minutes that turned into hours. When he hears any good news about recycling, his face lights up like a child receiving the most-coveted toy on Christmas. He just loves recycling that much!

Backstory: As a young child, Wally lived happily with his parents in a town called Seahaven. Just like Wally, his parents loved the environment, never failed to emphasise the importance of waste management and recycling and did their best to help the environment. Growing up, Wally aspired to be like his parents, so he studied and worked hard to get to where he is today. Before landing a job as a garbage truck driver, Wally helped with clean-up and recycling drives in different places as a volunteer. As a kid going to school, he just could not sit by and watch waste take over the environment. Now, he is a successful garbage truck driver that helps small businesses with waste and recycling.


Even more various facts about Wally!

Goals: Obviously, Wally wants to see an environment with little to no waste in it. Along with a cleaner environment, he wants to see a sustainable and circular economy brought about by the correct handling of waste. There may be a long way to go before getting there, but according to Wally, it all starts with one’s self to take the initiative.

Quirks: When Wally the garbage truck driver talks about waste and recycling, he more often than not rambles on and on about it for hours. But the good thing about that is that what he is saying is always substantial and never boring. Just as he could go and on talking, the listeners never notice that they, too, do not stop listening at all!

Misc: He loves watching original movies of all kinds! In addition, he loves the sun and hates the rain! Wally may talk to himself at times when he thinks no one is listening, stating something related to waste and recycling.


Wally holding a phone


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