Grass Clippings Recycling 🌿: In this blog, we talk about how you can recycle your grass clippings. We will also include other methods you can do to deal with your grass clippings. 


My mum always thought of lawn cutting as the most rewarding task to do. As a lazy person, I did not – and probably still do not – understand why people love planting and maintaining a lawn, but who am I to judge? It is something that they, including my mum, enjoy, so I am happy that they are happy and fulfiled.

Now, when I ask mum on what she enjoys when gardening, she always has this to say: health and aesthetics. Of course, when you go outside and surround yourself with greens, you get to get out and breathe in fresh air. You can also move around and get a bit of exercise here and there whilst handling plants of different shapes and sizes. Finally, you can feel a sense of accomplishment when you see the end result. I must admit, my mum has one of the best lawns I have ever seen and always notice her hard work in making it beautiful.

She specifically said that the heaviest work she does is gathering and disposing of grass clippings, a type of green waste. She also said that she initially did not know what to do with all the gathered grass clippings. Luckily, she now has a son that knows a thing or two!

As I have shared with her, I will also share with you how you can deal with your grass clippings green waste below.


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How does grass clippings recycling work?

Plenty of people – our readers – ask us these types of questions every day as they want to do the right thing and avoid sending waste to landfill. It is one of the most frequently asked questions here at Waster.

First off, our common answer to our readers: Yes, you can typically recycle grass clippings. Plenty of local councils have their own recycling programs that accept grass clippings and subject them for recycling.

However, we would like to clarify that there recycling is not the sole solution to deal with your grass clippings green waste. You can look for other ways to get rid of your green waste trimmed by your lawn mower. Below, we enumerate them to you.


A. Grass clippings recycling is the way to go

As I have mentioned above, a lot of local councils here in Australia such as Bayside City Council have green waste or organic recycling programs that you can enjoy. Avail of these services to deal with and recycle your grass clippings along with other green waste. Usually, grass clippings should be put in a bag, but you should first contact your local council to learn more of their regulations.


B. Just let them be/leave them lying around

Of course, we do understand that some prefer not having any grass clippings lying around and would think of recycling as a better option, but please hear us out first.

If you own a backyard lawn and do not find anything wrong with grass clippings lying around, then we would recommend you keep it that way. There really is nothing wrong with leaving them, aside from messing a lawn’s ‘aesthetics’, so to speak. In fact, it would even impart grass with valuable and essential nutrients needed to keep the lawn beautiful and healthy. In addition, it will lessen your workload and headaches trying to keep your lawn alive and healthy. Just a bit of trimming from time to time will do and you will see the results.


C. Try composting!

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Aside from leaving grass clippings or recycling them, you can also opt to create a compost using them. Not only is composting them rewarding, but it is also a cost-effective way to deal with your green waste. You can add them to the green waste compiled along with other brown waste to use as fertiliser for your lawn. You can also give them to others – your neighbours, for example – if you want your grass clippings composted.

types of composting


D. Feed them to animals

A lot of animals love to eat those greens! Know some farms that house goats, sheep or horses? You can give them your grass clippings so that nothing goes to waste. Just make sure that you have not put any chemical fertilisers. Dispose of those immediately. Then, when it breaks down, it will give back moisture and nutrients to the soil.


E. Turn them into mulch

Turning grass clippings into mulch aside from recycling them also has its benefits. Spread them around the base of trees and other plants and watch it prevent weed growth.


Grass clippings recycling: conclusion

There are plenty of ways to dispose of grass clippings, not just recycling. Do what is best and most convenient for you, as these are all good options.


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