Grease trap cleaning Canberra πŸ›’οΈ: Canberra based businesses can organise cost-effective, reliable and legislation compliant grease trap servicing through Waster.



We run through in this article the legislation you need to be aware of, the services we can provide and also provide information on prices and how you can book your service.


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Whether you refer to it as a grease trap, a grease interceptor, a grease arrestor or even a pit, Waster can surely help all businesses based on Canberra – as well as in any other places in Australia!


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General discussion

Before moving on to our main discussion: grease trap cleaning in Canberra, let us first discuss liquid waste. As some of you might know, we have already discussed this in our blog on liquid waste removal services. But still, it is important to discuss this as to refresh everyone’s mind.


Basically, liquid waste means any waste generated by businesses or the likes which do not include stormwater and untainted water (i.e., without pollution). They differ from water produced by households; typically, household or domestic wastewater can safely go into sewerage without problems, whereas we cannot say the same for liquid waste.


Liquid waste like oil, grease, and the likes can cause blockages, produce foul smells, and corrode the sewerage if left unchecked. As a result, to prevent this, businesses who usually produce these liquid waste (e.g., hotels, cafes, restaurants, and clubs) are required to install a grease trap, interceptor, or arrestor, whichever you prefer.



You, as a business in Canberra or any other places, must always keep in mind that grease traps must be cleaned and maintained as often as possible.


Grease trap cleaning Canberra legislation

Now that we have discussed general information about liquid waste, let us now continue by discussing the legislation of grease trap in Canberra.


Grease traps are monitored in the Australian Capital Territory by Icon Water. You can check out the detailed pdf document produced by Icon Water here which sets out the requirements for a grease trap in your business and how often it should be serviced.


Also note that the servicing is on a schedule dependent on your Pitt size etc, as per Icon Water:


“A cleanout/maintenance schedule must be implemented by the customer. The grease trap must be cleaned out at least every 3 months or sooner once:


a. A floating layer of grease 75 millimetres thick has formed on the surface
b. The pH of the grease falls outside the range 4 to 11; or
c. Odours become noticeable”


“During each clean-out, the sides and baffle(s) of the grease trap must be scraped to detach grease adhering to the surfaces, the grease trap must be completely pumped out (not just skimmed), and then refilled with water at least to the top of the grease trap outlet. It is each customer’s responsibility to ensure that proper cleaning procedures are followed.”


Aside from this grease trap cleaning Canberra blog, also check out our blog on how traps work at Australia grease trap cleaning.

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Maintenance of Records

The customer must maintain records of servicing and cleanouts of the grease traps and make them available for inspection by Icon Water upon request. The records must include the original of the contractor’s waste receipt and the following information:
a. Date of service / clean-out;
b. Clean-out contractor’s / waste transporter’s business name and address;
c. The license number of waste transport vehicle;
d. The name of the driver.
The records must be maintained for at least 24 months. Icon Water will check these records on a random basis.


It is important to note that with a properly operated and maintained grease arrestor, restaurants and take-away food businesses may generate liquid trade waste with up to 3000mg/L BOD.


Icon Water is to inspect such premises on a random basis to ensure grease arrestors are operating properly and to minimise the incidence of sewer blockages and chokes.”


Now that we have discussed all of this, let us now state how you can book a grease trap cleaning service in Canberra offered by Waster.


How to book a grease trap Canberra service

You can check out further details on our grease traps cleaning here and also book a service through our online waste shop by pressing the button below:



Grease trap Canberra cleaning costs $0.28 per litre plus GST as at 28 March 2018 (with a minimum pit size of 1000 litres – i.e. a minimum charge of $280+GST).


We, of course, provide all required services for cafes (such as sanitary units), restaurants and businesses with grease traps. See our infographic on waste services for cafes.


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Other services you should know

Aside from grease trap cleaning, Waster also offers different kinds of waste management and recycling bin services. Obviously, this includes places like Canberra and in other parts of Australia.


This includes – aside from grease trap cleaning – cardboard and paper recycling, commingled recycling, confidential paper destruction, general waste.


You can also choose from our medical waste service, organic waste service, sanitary bin service, and Terracycle Recycling boxes.


Watch our video here to learn more about our offered bin sizes for businesses.


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Conclusion on grease trap cleaning Canberra

Grease traps need to be checked as regularly as possible to ensure no problems arise in the sewerage system. Businesses must be responsible enough to make sure of this by booking grease trap cleaning services.


Arranging grease trap cleaning services for your Canberra based cafe or restaurant need not be difficult.


Let Waster take care of the dirty business so you can simply focus on running your business and being profitable!


Canberra is famous for being a green and very liveable city. There was recently a good discussion on recycling at the TedX conference in Canberra. See a live presentation as below on sustainable coffee and sustainable business:


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