Grease trap cleaning: If you are opening (or of course already operate)a cafe, restaurant or business handling a lot of food and cooking, you will almost certainly need to arrange cleaning of your grease trap. A grease trap (also known as a grease interceptor, a grease converter or a grease recovery device) is an effective plumbing tool used to prevent large amounts of grease or solids from entering the wastewaster disposal system. A really good overview can be found on wikipedia.


We previously published an introduction article to getting your grease trap service cleaned cheaply and reliably by Waster. In this blog post we seek to answer some common questions we hear from customers as their are many common misconceptions – after all a grease trap is not something any of us want to spend much time thinking about!


How often do I need to have grease trap cleaning done?


Depending on your business type – you may need to have your grease trap serviced between 6 and 2 times a year. The frequency is mandated by the relevant water authorities in your region. See the info page at Sydney Water (covering metro Sydney) for coverage of this. The schedule is decided by these authorities so you do not need to shop around for varying info.


If you have a 1500 or say 3000 litre trap, that amount will be collected when the trap is cleaned – i.e. a service will not clean a proportion of the grease trap.


What details do I need


To arrange a service – a Waster customer service agent will contact you after your booking and if you have the following info it will expedite the process:


A. Your business name / address


B. At least one of the following – Existing permit or consent number; Water meter number; Water Account number; Grease trap barcode.


You will then have to fill out a CoT form (Change of Transporter) form informing the water authorities who you have mandated to provide your service.


Do not worry – Waster will walk you through this process.


What does grease trap cleaning cost?

You can book grease trap cleaning in our online waste shop. You can book reliable grease trap servicing for your business in most metro regions across Australia including Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, the Central Coast (NSW), grease trap Sydney, Wollongong, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Devenport, Burnie and last but not least Perth.


Waster offers grease trap servicing on a simple pricing model – servicing is on a cent per litre basis. For example, in Sydney grease trap price servicing is performed at $0.20 per litre plus GST. Minimum volumes of 1000 litres apply for this pricing (contact us if your grease trap volume is smaller than this). There are no additional charges.


Note: Pricing assumes grease trap is accessible by Tanker within 15m off Pitt or pump out point and involves one personnel member to perform service. More complex services will require specific pricing.


In Darwin pricing is based on a rate of $0.09 per litre plus an hourly fee of $130. Perth is based on a rate of $0.18 per litre plus an hourly fee of $185.


How can I book a grease pit service


Simply book online through our online shop – a Waster customer service agent will contact you within 24 hours to complete the necessary paperwork (as above) and liase with the relevant water authorities to arrange your service date and ongoing schedule.


Can it be serviced too often?


Grease trap servicing is heavily regulated by the water authorities in each metro region – for example the Sydney metro region is covered by Sydney Water Wastesafe programme. The authorities set the collection frequency and ensure that only licensed agents can perform the servicing. All Waster services are fully licensed and qualified in line with all relevant legislation.


This legislation means that your service schedule is set by regulatory authorities. Waster will only deliver services in accordance with this schedule.


If you are seeking an emergency grease trap service – see here.




Through Waster you can be certain that you will meet regulatory requirements and have a reliable, low cost servicing of your grease trap. As we will only perform services as scheduled by the relevant water authorities and on our 30 day contracts you are never locked in to an agreement that does not suit you, you can be stress free.


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