Grease traps Melbourne: If you operate a Melbourne based business that prepares and sells food such as a cafe, restaurant, take away or hotel, you will have to think about organising a scheduled cleaning of your grease trap.



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When you are doing this, you will want to obtain a service at  a good price, that is fully licensed and qualified and is reliable so that you are in compliance with all relevant legislation.


Prior to arranging a service you can check out what is required of your business at the City West Water website (the water authority for most of central Melbourne).



Businesses dealing with food require an appropriate grease as greasy waste causes problems such as sewer blockages on your property or in the wider sewerage system.


Taking care of your liquid waste management, through regular cleaning and maintenance can really save money in the long run.


Waster provides all grease and liquid services – from grease interceptor pits to septic tanks. We service all of metro Melbourne and the surrounding area such as the Mornington Peninsula.


Sewer blockages can result in the overflow of sewage to the environment or within your property.  As per City West Water “If a blockage occurs before the boundary trap of a property, it is the responsibility of the business owner.”


As per City West Water ” To discharge trade waste, you are required by law under the Water Act 1989 to have a trade waste agreement or consent with City West Water“.


How to book a grease traps Melbourne service


Simply access our online waste shop to book your service today:


As at 12 March 2020, Grease trap waste cleaning is priced at $0.23 per litre plus GST. NoteMinimum volumes of 1000 litres will apply. This price is for a minimum of 4 scheduled services.


Pricing assumes grease trap is accessible by Tanker within 15m off Pitt or pump out point and involves one personnel member to perform service. More complex services will require specific pricing.


Tips to improve the effectiveness of your grease traps Melbourne performance


City West Water provides a number of tips and pointers for business owners to improve the effectiveness of their grease trap and minimise any issues. This webpage can be found here.


Tip 1: Scrape left over food from plates and cooking utensils and place into bin


Tip 2: Dry wipe plates and utensils to remove excess grease before washing


Tip 3: Use only the amount of cooking oils and fats you need


Tip 4: Collect and store all used cooking oils and fats for collection by recycling companies


Tip 5: Sweep floors before washing down to avoid wastes being washed into the grease trap


Tip 6: Mop floors instead of hosing down whenever practical


Tip 7: Regularly clean sink strainers and put them back into the sink to prevent food particles from collecting in your grease trap


Tip 8: Ensure all kitchen staff are trained on the correct disposal of fats and oil. Check out our article on green waste removal Melbourne.


Waster agrees that these tips, combined with a regular, scheduled grease trap pump out and cleaning will ensure you avoid any issues affecting your business.



Additional resources for Melbourne based businesses


Waster strongly believes in providing useful and pertinent information to our clients.


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Melbourne has recently had some fatbergs in our pipe system – see video as below for a similar incident in London caused by a build up of grease and food waste in the sewer system:



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Grease trap cleaning Melbourne: when you operate a food services or food production business such as a bakery, restaurant, cafe etc you will likely be required by legislation to have a grease trap installed and serviced regularly on your premises – this is designed to prevent the waste pipe system becoming clogged up with oils, grease, fats and food scraps which would go down your sink. Just think about how much food waste and grease is washed off dirty plates etc in a private house – let alone in a busy commercial kitchen!



One of the necessary evils of this system is that you need to organise a professional to clean (or pump out) the grease trap on a regular basis. A grease trap cleaning service Melbourne – will involve a registered suction vehicle. The team will open the trap and pump out all the water and grease, clean the bottom and sides – and then refill the empty trap with water. The trap is then good as new!


For further info – you can check out informative blogs we have published on the subject including: grease trap price and grease traps Melbourne.


The most common questions about grease trap cleaning Melbourne services


How much does it cost for grease trap cleaning Melbourne (grease trap cleaning price Melbourne)


You can easily arrange grease trap cleaning Melbourne through our online waste shop:


Pricing assumes grease trap is accessible by Tanker within 15m off Pitt or pump out point and involves one personnel member to perform service. More complex services will require specific pricing.


grease trap cleaning service melbourne


How often does it need to be done (scheduled grease trap cleaning service Melbourne)


The frequency for a grease trap cleaning service Melbourne varies dependent on your type of business and your pit size in litres. The frequency is set by the local water authority and you are required to keep records etc in this regard – i.e. when the pump out has been performed.


The waste authority will notify you by letter of the frequency required and when the next cleaning is due by. Fines may be applied if you do not comply with this.

Grease traps in Melbourne operate more of a self monitoring system – as opposed to the barcode scanning system in Sydney metro. Waster requires that customers commit to 4 grease trap cleaning services.


Do they empty it all even if it is not that dirty


This is a common question – the answer is that the entire pit is pumped out – the pit will start then with pure water. It is a misconception that only grease will be pumped out – the liquid is removed which has varying quantities of grease and water in it.


Do I need to be there when it is done during office hours.


Generally no – as long as the pit is easily accessible – you are not required to be on site and it can be done at night (grease trap cleaning Melbourne). This has the added benefit of not disrupting your business. See our blog on liquid waste removal.




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