Hair And Beauty Recycling Australia: Did you know that health, beauty and personal care is one of the fastest-growing business sectors in Australia?


The AFR reports that the sector has been growing non-stop for over 10 years – and now is a c. $7bn per annum industry in Australia alone.


The sector includes businesses such as laser clinics, nail bars, hairdressers, tanning salons, beauticians etc.


The great news is that in 2019 and 2020 – a beauty business can be as kind to the environment as they are to their customers. It is easy to keep Australia looking beautiful – just the way you look after your loyal customers!


The great news is that recycling and smart waste management can actually save you money also!



Today – we are publishing an infographic flow chart – that can be used to help guide your staff on what can be recycled – and what service is available.


Some of these hair and beauty recycling Australia are free – and others will potentially save you money. You can print of this infographic and place on a wall or common area in your business – to easily help your staff make the right recycling choices.


health and beauty recycling australia


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We have covered in previous blogs how being a green or sustainable business – can actually help you win customers.


In a business such as health and beauty – where having a green image can be very important from a holistic point of view – being an environmentally conscious business makes lots of sense. See an article on the ABC website here relating to how hair salons can go green.


Also – see an article here on the sustainable Salons programme.


Sustainable Salons

There is a program called Sustainable Salons wherein it was designed for the salon environment that rewards salons and gives back to the community.


Those interested can register and do their part to reduce their environmental impact! Zero waste has once again become much closer due to this program. Waster fully supports its cause.


Health and beauty recycling Australia:  Infographic Transcription

By following a simple and clear flow chart system – an Australian hair or beauty business – can really achieve high levels of recycling – and in some cases hit zero waste to landfill – which of course is a great objective.


Follow the hair and beauty recycling Australia flow chart as below – and you and your team can not go wrong. This infographic could be printed out and put on a wall in your building – so employees find it easy to make the correct choice.


Security should be first – so consider if you need a confidential paper bin for the salon. This can be used for items like receipts, medical docs, xrays etc.


If not – move along the flowchart.


Every business has paper and cardboard – and they are very easy to recycle. Cardboard recycling bins are almost always the cheapest recycling option in Australia – so this is a logical first step.


If your business has items such as cans, bottles etc – for drinks  you can use a commingled recycling bin service.


Let’s move along the hair and beauty recycling Australia flowchart:


If you have any food waste – or organic waste such as plants etc – you could consider a couple of options. You could have a small composter on site – or even a worm farm. If that does not suit – organic waste bins will take the organic waste for either composting or for energy generation.


Nearly every business will have batteries of one kind or another – i.e. for printers, remote controls etc – a battery bucket through PlanetArk is a good option. In many cases – you could also take them to a collection point such as in local supermarkets.

Printer ink cartridges can be recycled through PlanetArk.


In 2019 / 2020 – there are new ways to recycle those tricky items that are common in health and beauty businesses. You can recycle items like rubber gloves, beauty product containers, coffee pods, cigarette ash, hair nets etc – by using Terracycle Zero Waste boxes.


These services are really suitable for hair and beauty recycling Australia businesses – and will ensure you have very little rubbish left over. You can see all the options here.


At this point – you need to ask if you have sharps or medical waste – i.e. that has touched bodily fluids. If you run an acupuncture clinic, a needling service etc – you may have sharps – and hence a medical / clinical waste service will be suitable. These services are regulated by the local EPA and will see the waste being treated by either autoclave (very high temperature steam) or incineration.


By this point in the flowchart – you will have very little waste left at all – i.e. maybe some packaging waste etc.


In most Aussie cities – dry waste (i.e. not containing organic matter such as food waste) can be processed and turned into an alternative fuel – hence reducing the need for new carbon fuels such as oil, gas or coal.


In many cases – you may have virtually no waste left -and could be very close to being a zero waste salon.


Note – for hairdressers – there are other niche services available where hair is collected – i.e. and does not go into your bins at all. You can see articles on the subject here.


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How Waster can help you implement hair and beauty recycling Australia services


Waster works with lots of small businesses – and not so small – to implement smart recycling and waste management services.


We work with lots of hair and beauty recycling Australia clients – and offer all recycling services available in the Australian market.


This means that you can easily arrange all your business recycling through Waster – on flexible 30 day agreements – and save lots of money with our bundled pricing.


See many info here on what is involved in recycling beauty containers.


Many industry bodies in the health and beauty sector are also promoting recycling – you can see more info from the Australian Hairdressing Council and the Hair & Beauty Australia Industry Association.