How To Be A More Environmentally Friendly Student πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“: As a student, you would have learned by now the importance of preserving our environment. How can you become a more environmentally friendly student without spending too much money? We discuss everything you should know in this blog.Β 

Natural resources are becoming scarcer by the minute. At the rate we are going, they definitely would not last.

Let’s use water as an example. According to the AGU, global water demand would more than likely increase by 400 per cent from 2000 to 2050. However, only 1 per cent of Earth’s water is available for human use and consumption. The remaining 99 per cent is salt water, water trapped in ice caps or glaciers, or too inaccessible to humans.

As a result, we should strive to become more environmentally friendly, regardless of our status in life. But can a student who probably does not have a lot of money in the bank right now can?

The answer is… of course, you can! As a student, you definitely don’t need to buy the most expensive organic and sustainable products in the market to do your part for the environment. There are some cheaper ways a student can do to become more environmentally friendly.

So if you do not have ‘being an environmentally friendly fellow’ on your priority list, we hope that reading this blog will make you rethink. Yes, for us, being environmentally friendly is as important as other priorities, so we encourage you to be, even as a student. Below, we provide you with some tips on how a student like you can become more environmentally friendly.


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Now, let us go on and talk about how you can become environmentally friendly as a student.


Here’s how a student can become more environmentally friendly

As I have mentioned above, you do not need to spend a lot of money to help save the environment. Even as a student, you can do your part by becoming more environmentally friendly.

With that said, here are some tips you, as a responsible student, can do to become more environmentally friendly.


1. Eco-friendly transportation

You can start off your quest to become more environmentally friendly by looking for more sustainable ways to go from one place to another.

The best example is when you go to school. If it is near your area, you should aim to walk there instead of taking a cab. Or, if you have a bicycle, then you can cycle to school.

Not only do you reduce your environmental impact, but you also get in some exercise, as a result. Oh, and should I mention that walking or cycling to school also reduces traffic congestion and increases capacity for people who need to use public transport?


2. An environmentally friendly student saves energy

As a kid, you might not understand why your parents would want to turn off a few appliances such as a heater and might even laugh at them. But now that you’re the one paying the bills, you now see where they are coming from.Β Using a lot of appliances costs so much money. Not only that, but it also consumes finite resources.

Being an environmentally friendly student means that you should save energy whenever you can. Turn off the lights when you are not using them. Never turn on appliances you are not going to use. In cold weather, consider wearing something thicker before cranking up the heater.


3. Buy and eat locally produced food in bulk

This may sound a bit more expensive than usual, but did you know that buying locally from farmer’s markets in bulk will help you save more money? Not only that, but you will also reduce your environmental impact as buying from other regions will consume resources such as fuel.

Or, if you have some time on your hands, you can even grow your own fruits and vegetables! Read our blog on how you can create your own compost as this can help if you want to plant your own food.

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4. An environmentally friendly student packs their own lunch

Rather than spending money and buying lunch outside, why not prepare your own? Whip up some easy-to-make recipes from your leftovers for a more environmentally friendly experience.

Oh, and another important thing: use a reusable container and water bottle or coffee cup!


Do you have any other tips you want to share? Feel free to comment down below!


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