How To Make Recycling Fun ♻️: As they say, “start them young”. The same holds true for children and recycling. As responsible adults, we should teach the future generation the importance of recycling. Trust me, we have many things to teach them! Learn more by reading this blog.


As a kid, I automatically thought of recycling as a big hassle. I was questioning things like “why are there many different bins?” and “why can’t I just throw this paper into the bin nearest to me; why do I have to throw it in this specific bin?” Of course, I was a big brat then (sorry mom and dad). But I am quite thankful because as I grew up, I certainly adopted recycling into my lifestyle because of them.


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Now, as an adult, the responsibility now falls into me, along with the other adults, to teach recycling to the kids: the future generation. One thing we can do to encourage and promote the concept of recycling is to make it fun for them. How can we do so? Waster discusses how you can do so here. Read on to learn more.


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Some ways on how to make recycling fun


First of all, make sure that kids do not think of recycling as a tedious chore like I did a while back. If this happens, we might raise a generation of people too lazy to protect the environment, as a result. Instead, let them know that it is a fun activity to do with environmental benefits, too.


Now, what can we do to make recycling fun for children at home or at school? Here, Waster shares some tips on how you can make recycling fun for children:


1. Design a recycling bin that kids love


Kids love fun things. That much is a fact, based on interacting with my younger cousins, personally speaking. And, designing a bin to a child’s liking can encourage them immensely in recycling.


Do you know those colourful and fun pencil-shaped recycling bins presented in by Recycling Bins? you can take those ideas and create a bin like that for children. Moreover, you can even ask for their help. Surely, they will enjoy it!


There are also bins designed like robots which you can place outside gardens or natural settings. That is a futuristic approach (albeit costly) which will certainly entice them. Using the creative imagination of a child is a great way to get them into recycling.


Then again, you can design bins yourself with the children’s help, not needing to spend extra money just to motivate them.


2. Make recycling fun for children by playing games


Adding to the above mentioned, treating recycling as a game will motivate the kids. This way, you can help children practice recycling. For example, you can help them distinguish which of the items are recyclable or not.


If you are looking for materials to create a recycling game for children, you can visit the website of Planet Pals that provides free printable recycle kits that can teach children all about recycling.


3. Hold a recycling competition for kids


A little bit of friendly competition can help children have fun and learn recycling at the same time, all the while raising their confidence. Children can start this at their own house. For example, if you are a parent with more than one child, label a bin with his or her name. When they successfully throw a recyclable into their designated bin, they will earn some points.


When the time for the collection schedule comes, record every bin and determine the one who recycled the most. The one who recycles the most will receive either a prize or a pass from a house duty like cleaning, etc. With this, you can make recycling fun and worth it for the children!


4. Compost with the children to teach them the fun ways of recycling


A lot of children like gardening, in general. There is just something fun and fulfilling in taking care of another life and making sure it grows to be strong and healthy. And surely, many children are aware of that. With that, you can teach your children the importance of recycling by composting, therefore making it more fun and worthwhile.


Let the children help by making them collect food scraps. Tell them to put the scraps in a bucket. You must make sure to educate them so that they learn to distinguish which can be composted or not. Aside from collecting food scraps, they can also come and collect green waste like leaves and weeds which they can put in a compost bin.


5. Let children recycle with others


Children will appreciate it when they have companions in recycling. In school, they can rely on their educators and fellow students to learn and practice recycling whilst having fun. Correspondingly, they can learn about recycling at home while bonding with their families.


After all, may it be children or adults, it is always good to have a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on, especially when it comes to recycling, where no one person can do this alone. It is a good way to bond with others!


It is easy to have fun in recycling!


You will find it much easier to teach kids recycling if you let them have fun doing it. Let us start them while they are young. With this, they will surely grow up as responsible adults that can protect the environment in the future to come.


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