How To Recycle Phone Cases 📱: If you’re like many modern smartphone owners, you’ve likely gone through a few different phone cases already. When the time comes to switch up your accessories, it’s important to dispose of them responsibly. Recycling phone cases help mitigate waste and conserve resources for future generations. In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can recycle or repurpose old phone covers in an eco-friendly way – from giving away unused items to finding creative DIYs for transformation!

Not a lot (maybe even none) would disagree with me when I say that smartphones are one of the most essential things in our life now. To give you a few examples, we use smartphones to work, keep in touch with friends and family and research information. Barring some major technological advancements we do not expect, smartphones will stay on top as the most-needed device for years to come.

With that mentioned, I assume most of you, our readers, own smartphones. And obviously, you know that you need to protect it from damage so you avoid spending more money repairing or replacing it. Whilst we have plenty of ways to do this, the most popular way of protecting your smartphone is by covering it with a phone case.

Many of us love cool or cute-looking phone cases and decide to get one or more depending on their design. But what if you decide to, let’s say, stick to just one phone case and want to get rid of your others? Or we could give you another scenario: what if you only have one phone case and decide to buy a new one? What can you do with the old? Can you recycle them? If yes, then how do you recycle phone cases? Let’s talk about that and more below.


How to recycle your phone cases in Australia

Mobile phone cases, first and foremost, are usually made of plastic, metal or silicone. Knowing that information, are we able to recycle phone cases? This question, for me, should become one of the most discussed, along with talking about what happens to phone cases when users want to upgrade and replace them.

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Many people, unfortunately, decide to save themselves from a teeny, tiny bit of inconvenience and just chuck it in the rubbish bin. By doing this, you risk harming the environment as phone cases simply do not degrade in landfill and will leak toxins into the ground and, eventually, water for many years to come.

So, we must become more environmentally responsible and do the right thing. The main question is, is it possible to recycle phone cases to avoid sending them to landfill?

The answer is yes. However, although we have a way to recycle them here in Australia, they are not accepted in municipal waste programs. This is due to the fact that, as mentioned above, are composed of different types of materials which are plastic, metal and silicone, sometimes even having two or more of the mentioned materials. But still, you have the option of sending them to a company equipped with the right machinery to do so.

CASETiFY, for example, has the Re/CASETiFY program that offers to take your old mobile phones and transform them into new phone cases for sale available in different parts of the world. Specifically in Australia, you can send your mobile phone cases to be recycled at MobileMuster.


More on MobileMuster

MobileMuster is the only Australian not-for-profit government-accredited mobile phone & accessory recycling program. You don’t have to worry about spending money as this program is free and enables everyone to do their part and help the environment by keeping mobile phone cases out of landfill. In addition, this program ensures that your mobile phone cases, along with your other phone accessories, are recycled in a safe, secure and ethical way. We suggest you head on to their website to learn more.


Other ways to recycle your phone cases

Just a quick note: before we share with you the other ways to recycle them, we highly suggest that you use your old phone cases for as long as you can. If it is in good condition, please use it for as long as you can before changing it. With that out the way, let us continue with other ways to recycle your phone cases.

  1. Pass them to your family members or friends. As we have mentioned above, do not throw your phone cases away if you do not intend on using them anymore. You can pass them down to your kids if you have one or some, spouse, brothers, sisters, relatives or friends. Not only will you take the phone cases off your hands, but you will also make those you give them to happy.
  2. Sell the phone cases. If no one from your friends and family want your unused phone cases, and you want to make some money, you can opt to sell them instead. Advertise them online such as on Facebook Marketplace so that people can see it and easily reach out to you if your phone cases interest them. You could also include them as freebies if, for example, you want to replace and upgrade your smartphone.
  3. Learn some DIY stuff to repurpose your phone cases. Another way to effectively recycle your phone cases is by upcycling them. Pinterest has plenty of ideas on how you can upcycle your phone cases. For example, you can upcycle them into soap and sponge holders, jewellery mats, ID cases and more. Get creative with your mind and upcycle your phone cases!

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