How To Save The Environment 🌎: To plenty of us, the thought of totally saving the Earth from pollution may seem farfetched. But believe me when I say this: each of us can make a difference!

In saying this, I present to you 6 ways on how to save the environment! Stay tuned to discover what the ways are by reading more below.


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How to save the environment: it’s possible for everyone!

Environmental pollution is one of the main problems we face here in the modern era. According to a 2017 Fox News article, we breathe about 95 per cent polluted air. In the ocean, different kinds of pollution pester marine life such as plastic, chemical, light, and noise pollution. Furthermore, this keeps getting worse and worse as time passes by. The ocean makes up 70 per cent of the Earth, so I find it hard to comprehend how that much water got polluted by us in so little time. Just as pollution is widespread in air and water, it is also rampant on land. In fact, here in Australia, more than 30 per cent of its agricultural land is severely degraded.

In saying this, I know there are several ways on how to prevent – or at least reduce – this from happening further. As a result, I present to you 6 ways on how to save our environment.

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How To Save The Environment Infographic.


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1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

You all will agree with me when I say that this is the most common way you can find in terms of saving our environment. Always remember the 3Rs in order to sustain the environment. For example, take a reusable bag with you when you go shopping instead of asking for a plastic bag. Consider sustainable packaging to be more environmentally conscious. Do not use disposable utensils when eating. Additionally, practise separating biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable materials from each other. Check out our blog on Australasian Recycling Label.


2. Make use of digital technology

Next on our “How To Save The Environment” list: Making use of digital technology.

Technology nowadays can help in sustaining the environment. Gone are the days where you need to physically produce documents to keep. Cloud storage will help with that! An example of cloud storage is Google Drive. It is cloud-based storage you can use to save and share files with anyone.

Generally, what I am trying to say is as much as possible, do not print. Make use of emails – or any applications – in place of printing, or producing hard copies, in order to conserve resources and avoid paper pollution. Check our blog on document destruction service to learn more.


3. Join cleanup events

Another way on how to save the environment is by joining your local cleanup events – volunteer in cleanup drives in your local area. An example of this is cleaning your local beach.

As you all know, plastic pollution continues to pester our beaches. Joining a cleanup event will help it regain its cleanliness and sustainability. Here, I present some benefits in cleaning up your local beach (inspired by tentree):

  • Saves marine animals
  • Preserves the beach’s beauty
  • Keeps away harmful chemicals and pestering plastic
  • Helps the local economy
  • Creates a safer environment
  • Dispose of and process waste properly
  • Makes seafood safer to consume
  • Enjoy the beach while cleaning
  • Meet tonnes of new people that share your passion for saving the environment
  • Have a good exercise

4. Conserve water

Did you know that up to 60 per cent of water makes up the human body? That in itself indicates the importance of water to us humans. If you make a list of some of the ways how water helps us and the environment, the list will include the following:

  • Consumed by humans to survive
  • Used to water plants
  • Utilised in cleaning
  • Necessary in cooking food

The list could go on and on! But what scares me is the fact that nowadays, our water supply is slowly being depleted due to a number of reasons. One reason could include our growing population. Additionally, another could be because of our irresponsibility. What I’m trying to say here is use water wisely. Make sure not to waste it as it is becoming more scarce.


5. Saving the environment by tree planting

A Chinese proverb once said “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is now”. Here are just some of the benefits that trees give to us and to the environment:

  • Provides oxygen for us to breathe
  • Improves air quality
  • Takes in carbon dioxide
  • Gives us wood

Irresponsibly removing trees will prove to be detrimental to the environment come the following years. One main problem this gives us is deforestation. So, if you have free time, try to plant a tree to help save the environment.


6. Avoid driving

Last on our “How To Save The Environment” list: avoid driving a vehicle.

Reasons why you should avoid driving as much as possible include the following:

  • Causes air pollution
  • Uses up our resources like fuel, oil, water, etc.
  • Emits greenhouse gases that heat up the Earth

Use other alternatives instead of driving. Ride a bike, walk, or carpool instead to reduce air pollution and conserve energy.


How to save the environment: conclusion

Take note that these are just some ways on how to save the environment. There are plenty of other steps available if you wish to research more. But as I was saying, these ways that I shared with you are some of the most important things that need to be addressed in order to clean up the Earth.

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