Is Hair Recyclable? 💁: In this blog, we take a look at the potential of hair recycling. Human and animal organic hair recycling is definitely something not talked about often, so we intend to open the discussion and get gears grinding and minds rolling. What options do we have for organic hair? Continue reading this blog to learn more.


When we talk about recycling – and we talk about it all the time here – plastic, paper and cardboard, metal and glass usually comes first into mind when doing so. When you ask me that question on a lazy day – my brain not properly function and just zoning out – I would definitely utter plastic water bottles and writing paper whilst discussing the need to recycle them.

Something that would definitely make head turns is discussing recyclable hair. I guarantee: no common citizen would have hair first in their mind and labeling it as a recyclable item. But, here at Waster, we always want to debate on what works and what does not. Mr Waster, therefore, wants to cover the possibility of human hair (or even those of animal – just organic hair, really) recycling. Does it have the potential to become a common occurrence in the industry? Or, are there already-set options for it? Below, we talk about hair being recyclable, so read on to learn more.

Short answer: the best way to deal with hair is by composting it.

– Mr Waster


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Is hair really recyclable? Organic means…

Depending on where you live in Australia, you have the option of composting your hair, whilst other locations will instruct you to place them in your general waste bin. Contact your local council before doing anything.

As we have previously mentioned, “Once it grows, it goes” or the more accurate one “If it grows, it goes.” Hair, being organic whether it belongs to humans or animals, can definitely be composted.

Basically, when considering composting, you have to mix the greens and browns together to pull it off successfully. To give a clearer background, you have to layer green or moist ingredients with brown or dry ingredients. After layering them together, bury them in the soil and do not forget to add water. What the prior step does is it chemically breaks down and combines both the greens and browns into a singular mass of brown-coloured mass filled with nutrients. Remember, you have to portion greens and browns carefully for composting to happen without a hitch.

With that said, where does hair fall (pun definitely unintended) into the mix? The answer is in the green components or simply greens. Greens include kitchen waste, grass clippings, leaves and, yes, even hair! As for the brown components, they included dried leaves, newspaper shredded into smaller pieces, twigs and more. When greens break down, they add nitrogen whilst the browns add carbon to the mix.


Other options to consider for hair recycling

Hair being recyclable certainly helps! Did you know that you can also use hair as pest control?

Benton Farms demonstrated that human hair can help farmers with their crops by limiting pests. Farmers simply have to place human hair around fields and gardens. The ‘hair mats’, in turn, acts as protection by deterring animals such as rabbits and deer from feeding on their crops. In addition to the mentioned animals, human hair also has the capabilities to prevent insects from destroying their crops.

As recyclable hair is flexible, it can even be used as medicine! However, this is not something new as Chinese medicine, for example, has incorporated carbonised human hair to treat some of the nastiest injuries such as burns, wounds, hemorrhages and scars. Surgeries have also used human hair because of its strength as a valid option for suture. Like pharmaceuticals, suturing with hair also is not something new, as European countries in the Middle Ages have used it in surgeries. Research has shown we can still use hair for suturing even in the modern age – humans and animals included.


Recyclable hair  design ideas?

Finally, when we talk or think about hair, wig commonly comes into mind.

Recyclable hair is mostly used to create wigs. This has been an ongoing used application of recycled hair since the ancient times – as early as 1400 B.C. Different types of recycled hair such as wigs and hair extensions have made their way into the theatre and fashion industries for God-knows how long, and have become more accessible even to the common folks.

People being treated for chemotherapies or people with alopecia have also used wigs for obvious reasons, and we have recycled hair to thank that can help them get a sense of normalcy.


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