Melbourne rubbish removal: we were speaking to a potential client recently and he was quite knowledgeable about waste and recycling industry practices and had lots of questions before he agreed to sign with us.


Thankfully we were able to put his mind at ease and satisfactorily answer his queries.


We cover in this short blog post some of the queries he raised and our answers to them.


At the same time we were able to highlight the recent changes to rollover contract legislation impacting on small and medium business when entering waste contracts – covered in our blog on waste management Melbourne.


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How long a contract do I need to sign for Melbourne rubbish removal?


Our new customer was very clear that he did not want to sign a lock in waste contract to have his rubbish collected- as his previous supplier had tied him in to a rollover clause.


We were easily able to put this fear to rest by emphasising our flexible 30 day agreements for professional rubbish removal – see Sydney waste services blog.


Do I really need an assumed density – I do not want extra charges


When we quote for general waste bin hire – we provide pricing based on an assumed weight.


We do not charge excess bin weight charges like some suppliers do.


Basically -if your bin is much heavier consistently than we originally agreed with you, we will provide a new price reflecting this.


Under our 30 day policy – you basically can cancel our agreement if you do not believe this is fair or in line with our agreement etc.


We believe this approach is fairer – as we do not like to surprise customers with higher bin prices on month etc than they expected.


This issue does not apply to recycling bins.


Can you limit any price rise to CPI every year


On this one, we had to say no. Under our 30 day agreements we are hugely incentivised to keep prices low – and we have even reduced client pricing in the past in Melbourne – due to a commitment to a cheap price.


However – if a state government increases the landfill levy significantly – we may need to revise our pricing in this regard.


However, our 30 day agreement is your guarantee that we seek to minimise any pricing volatility on you the customer.


Boosting garbage recycling will also help you prevent increased prices.


Can you put in writing that there are no hidden fees such as bin rentals, site fees, environmental fees or anything else?


We sure can – you can find our terms and conditions doc here!


If you are based in Geelong – check out our blog on rubbish removal Geelong.


Conclusion on Melbourne rubbish removal:


Running a business is very difficult. The average small business owner faces more crisis by 9am on a Monday morning than an employee faces in a whole week.


By having a trustworthy and low cost waste and recycling provider for Melbourne rubbish removal – your business can save money and increase flexibility (whether you are in St Kilds or Port Melbourne).


Give Waster a call and we will be very glad to help you.


We provide all waste and recycling services. Please call to hire a skip bin services for large rubbish services, white goods or green waste removal.


Check out the City Of Melbourne below on some of the new recycling projects in Melbourne metro region: