Melbourne Waste Management: we all know that there is a rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney – covering so many topics including; which is the most cultural metropolis, which has the best sports, which is the most livable city and also of course – which serves the best coffee.


Mr Waster is not going to weigh in on the questions above – but we will take a look today at which city is more sustainable.


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Melbourne waste management – which city is more sustainable?


The City of Melbourne is making real strides to being regarded as an eco-concious city.  For example, the council is focusing on:

 – “Our greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.”

 – “Less municipal waste-to-landfill with less negative impact on amenity from collecting waste.”

 – “Sustainable water management.”

 – “Increased biodiversity and tree canopy cover in the municipality.”

 – “Climate change impacts on the municipality are managed.”


These objectives are very commendable – but we are asking which city is more sustainable right now. And according to – Melbourne ranks behind Sydney! See blog on recycling Melbourne.


“Unlike many other surveys of global cities, the Sustainable Cities Index placed Melbourne below its archrival of Sydney.”


“A lot of people get confused with sustainability being just about the environment but, by our definition, balancing immediate needs of the population without compromising the needs of tomorrow is the heart of a sustainable city,” said Greg Steele, chief executive officer of design and consultancy firm Arcadis’ Australia Pacific arm, which commissioned the research.”


“In the global rankings, Sydney was the world’s 21st most sustainable city, Brisbane the 30th and Melbourne 32nd.”


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Melbourne is consistently ranked as a great city to live due to its sustainable nature, culture, green spaces and entertainment.


There have been numerous steps forward in sustainability in Melbourne in recent years – such as the campaign to end single use coffee cups and drinking straws.


It should also be noted that your local council will provide a hard rubbish service at regular intervals during the year.


Check out an informative video as below on the sustainability journey being undertaken by the City Of Melbourne – which of course touches on green spaces, waste and resource recovery and sustainability: