Plastic Free Toothpaste Australia ๐Ÿ‘„: Do you have any idea where you can find plastic free toothpaste in Australia? Well, look no further! In this blog, we share some of the best options to choose from. We continue to help you aim a more plastic free lifestyle through our blog, so we suggest you continue reading to learn more.

As expected by our constant readers, we continue ourย  plastic free blogs. A number of times, we have talked about a number of plastic free products such as deodorants, tea bags and kettles.

We discover yet again a plastic free alternative for another type of product aside from those mentioned above: the all-important toothpaste.

Toothpaste, even more so than those mentioned products above, is vital to every individual. To keep your teeth clean, strong and healthy, one of the most important things you need to remember is to brush your at least 2-3 times a day. Brushing your teeth, of course, involves using a toothbrush and lathering it with toothpaste.

Do you know of something as vital as taking care of your teeth? The answer to that, of course, is by reducing your footprint on our planet and reducing your plastic reliance!

Despite its importance, toothpaste tubes, unfortunately, are made from plastic and aluminium. This means that whilst you may be keeping your teeth clean, healthy and strong, you increase your footprint in the planet by using toothpaste products that utilise plastic, in turn.

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But do not worry! The reason we here at Waster wrote this blog is to give you some of the best options you can choose from if you want to lead a plastic free lifestyle here in Australia by switching to plastic free toothpaste.


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Before we take you further into the discussion and talk about where you can find some of the best plastic free toothpaste in Australia and why you should avoid those with plastic, we want to share Waster with you.

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Where to find the best plastic free toothpaste brands in Australia

What time do you think is the perfect time to stand up to a more sustainable Earth? The answer: now, of course! However, actions speak louder than words. So, we trust that you listen to what we have to say and apply them to your daily lives.

Before we present you with some of the best plastic free toothpaste options in Australia, we first enumerate why you should totally remove plastic in your lifestyle.


Making the switch to a plastic free lifestyle: why?

The reasons are quite simple and obvious as to why a plastic free lifestyle would be better for you. We here at Waster have already talked about why in the past blog, but we feel it necessary to give you a refresher in this blog.

  • The demand for plastic is lessened. What other reasons would we want you to switch to a plastic free lifestyle, right? The answer to that, of course, is because we want plastic usage reduced. First of all, plastic makes use of of our already-limited natural resources such as fossil fuels, which emits greenhouses gases that traps heat inside the Earth, therefore making it hotter. Greenhouse gases emitted from fossil fuels also contribute to various respiratory diseases coming from air pollution.
  • Less plastic will go to landfill. Did you know that plastic will break down only after centuries โ€“ with a strong chance to even reach a thousand years? Absurd as it sounds, it is unfortunately true. What’s worse is that a majority of plastic does not even get recycled. Instead, they go to landfill wherein they accumulate overtime. Naturally, going plastic-free will mean the reduction of plastic going to landfill.
  • You will make a positive environmental impact. A simple switch to plastic free toothpaste can mean the world to the… well, world. Baby steps, as they say. You can make a positive impact even with this small change, and it can even lead you to change your lifestyle as a whole.


Best plastic free toothpaste brands in Australia

Personally, if you look to have a more plastic free lifestyle which can, of course, start with some products such as toothpaste, then I recommend to you EORTH, or Earth Before Plastic. They have plastic free toothpaste, as well as other dental products you can choose from. Not only do they have plastic free options, but they also have vegan ones!

Let us take a look a their plastic free dental set. Their plastic free dental set includes the following:

3-piece Dental Set includes:

  • Natural Australian Made Toothpaste
  • Refillable Silk Dental Floss
  • Bamboo Toothbrush.

A simple 3-piece set to get you started on your plastic free dental routine.

Aside from EORTH, we can also recommend to you Asiki. Not only do they have plastic

Plastic Free Dental Set

free toothpaste available in Australia, but they also have bamboo toothbrushes, plastic free tooth powder, vegan dental floss and more! Their plastic free toothpaste is instead packaged in recyclable glass jar with a metal lid.

Where to buy plastic free toothpaste in Erskineville, Sydney, Australia

Do you know of any other options? We would like to hear them from you! Comment down below if you have any other plastic free toothpaste brands in Australia.


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