Podcast On Recycling 🎧: Waster Launches New Recycling Podcast! – We launch our new podcast on all things recycling and environmental related.


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In this first episode of our new podcast – we discuss what we hope to achieve. We will be publishing a weekly podcast on the wide and wonderful world of all things recycling, environment and the waste industry. We have a real belief in the positive aspects of recycling – and how it can benefit the world. We will however, take quite a tough, real world approach and ask tough questions – such as if recycling is a waste of time, if it is all a big con job and other questions. The podcast will be light, hopefully funny, entertaining and informative. Wish us luck!


Podcast transcript: Hello and welcome to the first and probably much shorter episode of what we hope will be a regular podcast focused on all things all things recycling and all things waste industry all things you know a little bit environmental but more focusing on the recycling and the waste aspect of of that area.


I suppose this is just a test podcast on recycling to begin with just to get us up and running but our intention is to do one a week, make them light, interesting as possible hopefully and maybe some humour in there and something that with an Australian focus mostly but also something that we hope that people no matter where they are located, they might like to tune in to and listen with. So I think we’re going to call our podcast Recycle: Don’t Be A Waster which basically is saying try to encourage people to recycle as much as possible and giving them tips, hints, hacks even – which I think is what the younger people call things and trying to provide that recycling information to people in as easy and an understandable and a clear method that people can listen to in the car or when they’re having a walk or whatever it is.


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I suppose at the beginning you never know where things are going to go but we think it’ll be easy listening, it won’t be overly formal, it would be off the cuff and it will be that we believe in recycling but at the same time we’ll be asking tough questions. We’ll be looking at it from a business perspective, from a real hard financial world perspective also. Asking the questions a lot of people want to know like is recycling a big con job, is it a waste of time washing your recycling, does it all end up in landfill anyway. Those sort of questions. We’ll cover those.


We’ll have guests hopefully on our podcast on recycling, interesting guests will come on the show and hopefully we’ll build an audience that over time can grow and you know when people want to hear us talk about certain topics, just call in or message us on our website etc, and we’ll certainly look at those at those topics.


My name is Aodhan. I’ll be the presenter, at least at the beginning for the initial podcasts and really what i want to get out of it is a conversation, trying to discuss things in the waste and recycling sector which let’s be honest everybody has an opinion on and lots of people are off the view that we should recycle everything or should we should stop using plastic completely or that those demons – you know the demon government – or the demon companies, they’re tricking us and they’re not really recycling and this sort of stuff. There’s a lot of aspects we can cover. Covering I suppose the politics of things such as shipping recycling overseas or interstate. Does it really make a difference whether we dump at landfill or whether we take food waste to a food processing plant; these sort of questions.


So we look at the the business aspects we look at the reality of things at least from from our understanding and we will I suppose, we’ll look at what’s coming, the new technologies coming on stream etc. As in any sector, the waste and recycling – and particularly recycling is always influenced by new technologies, new legislation, new taxes that change the financial playing field and what those things will do but I think what we want to do is keep it as positive as possible.


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Focus on providing information to people that will let them know how you can easily recycle things. What services are available. What’s coming on stream and give them a bit of a background, a bit more knowledge about – what is the recycling industry, what does the recycling industry do – what are the hiccups, the bottlenecks – what stops us from recycling more and those sort of things. I think that that’s where we leave it today.


You’ll be able to find all our podcasts hopefully on all the different platforms (podcast on recycling) like itunes, google podcast, stitcher, Youtube etc, so they’ll all be there and of course you can also find them on our website at waster.com.au. We look forward to starting this conversation and every journey starts with a single step so you know i’ll leave it there today. I think this was our first step so thanks and recycle don’t be a waster.


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