Recycle Candle Wax 🕯️: In this blog, we will see if we can indeed recycle candle wax or not. We will also take a look at other viable options we can do should recycling not work. Continue reading this blog to learn more. 


Unsurprisingly, candles have a lot of uses, even up until this day. In the past, people used candles and oil lamps to light up an area. Not every area in the world had electricity, so where else would they get illumination aside from candles and oil lamps, right? Of course, innovations occurred and removed the need for such items to light up an area.

That, however. does not mean the people of today have completely stopped using candles and oil lamps. Candles, in particular, are still used far and wide in this world. Although one can still use it for lighting purposes should an electrical power failure occur, people now mainly use it for ‘aesthetics’. Birthdays, in particular, make use of candles. Birthday cakes usually have candles so the celebrant can blow them and ‘make a wish’.

One of my friends, for another example, uses their candles to set up a ‘warm vibe’ or ambiance when they feel stress and the need to unwind. “Light up the candles and pour me a glass of wine!” my friend always exclaims.


The problem

This sounds good and all, but waste problems starts to rise the more candles you use. Of course, you would not use half-burned candles to celebrate an occasion such as birthdays, right? As a result, those wax leftover get set aside into your drawers and you buy new, pristine candles, therefore repeating the process again and again.

Candle wax were originally made from tallow, a substance that originally came from animal fat. Fast forward, most of today’s candles are made from paraffin wax, but they can also be made from beeswax, soy wax or palm wax.

The question is: what can you do with those used wax candles? Can you recycle candle wax? Or, are there any other environmentally responsible options you can do with them? Below, we delve deeper and list down the possible routes you should take to deal with candle wax.

Short answer: we still do not have a consistent means of recycling candle wax. Reusing it is your best bet. You can, however, recycle the jar it is in if you bought a candle in a jar or have it refilled with a new candle.

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One cannot recycle candle wax

Unfortunately, you cannot collect candle wax and throw them in your recycling bin. In our waste and recycling directory page, we stated there that what you can do is to collect them and place them in your general waste bin if you have no other use for them. We currently have no good way to recycle candles. It is what it is at the moment, really.

If you truly want to avoid placing candle wax in your general waste bin and landfill, then you have to find a way to reuse your candle wax.

Do take note that you should not use a whole candle. Only use it if there is still significantly more than half an inch (or even more than 2 inches) of wax left. Make new candles out of old ones by take out any bits of wicks or labels from the wax. Next, melt the wax and pour it into moulds so that the wax can take shape. And voila, you have a whole new candle wax to use!


If you cannot recycle candle wax, can you biodegrade it instead?

Now, one of the better options aside from recycling is biodegrading. The question: can you biodegrade candle wax if you cannot recycle it?

The answer would always be yes, especially candle wax as most of them are made from biodegradable material. However, we have to consider the time it takes for it to fully biodegrade and its benefit to the soil. One, a big chunk of solid candle wax will biodegrade slower than expected – certainly not fast enough to make biodegrading a solid option. Although wax in itself is faster to biodegrade (2 month or less), wax created from refining crude oil such as paraffin wax takes decades to decompose, therefore it is not considered as biodegradable. It does not add any benefits to the soil.

As a result, Waster would advise against biodegrading candle wax.


What about candle jars?

Plenty of candles come in jars, which can also pester the environment if left unchecked. Can you reuse or recycle candle jars? The answer: yes, you can!

You can refill your candle jar with candles to use again.

There are even local businesses out there that can refill them for you. In Australia, Aroma Gift can refill your candle jar or tin with their eco-friendly, soy candles. You can enquire and have your candle jars refilled even if you have a different brand and type of containers at hand. Utilise this option if you want to do save money and help save the planet.

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