Recycle Cartoon Character Dustin 👦: As we move along with our recycle cartoon series, we now introduce to you the recycling geek kid named Dustin. 

Dusty from our recycle cartoon storyLast time, we talked about the loving dog named Julius who has a knack for making a mess by going through the trash. This time, however, we introduce yet another recycle cartoon character named Dustin.

Just who is this kid? How much does he love recycling? And, what is his backstory?

Below, we will talk about that and more. So, stay tuned and continue reading this blog to learn more!


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Now, on to the cartoon recycle story!


Introducing Dustin, the smart kid of this recycle cartoon

Not a lot of people have seen Waster use its new recycle character Dustin from our new recycle cartoon story, of course, due to its being fairly new. But now, it is time to learn more about him from our recycle cartoon story!


Name: Dustin

Age: 10 years oldDusty from our recycle cartoon story

Height: 153 cm

Nickname/s: Dusty, Dustin the recycling geek

Appearance: According to Waster’s recycle cartoon story, Dusty the recycling geek, also known as Dusty by some, is a young and small boy that seems serious most of the time. With blonde hair and brown eyes, he can always be seen wherever he goes reading a book about recycling. Dustin usually wears a white and red-striped shirt, a pair of blue trousers and yellow shoes. He is always seen with his dog Dustin whenever he is at home.


More on Dustin, the kid that loves recycling

Personality: Although Dustin is a passionate kid when it comes to recycling as portrayed by this recycle cartoon, he rarely ever talks to anyone outside of school. Of course, he is always so busy reading all kinds of books about waste and recycling. Dustin loves the subject of Science and greatly excels at it. You rarely see him miss getting perfect marks! As shy and reserved as he is in our recycle cartoon story, when you ask him for help with a certain Science topic, Dustin would never hesitate to help. When he acquires some free time from school activities, you will see him either reading Science or recycling books, playing with his mischievous but lovable dog Julius or talking to either Wally the garbage truck driver or a certain someone (or something?) we will talk more about below.

Backstory: This young child, according to our recycle cartoon story, has loved recycling ever since he was 5 years old. The reason for that is that his parents are friends with Wally for quite some time already. Whenever they met, they would invite Wally for a simple dinner at their home, and Wally would ramble on and on about recycling. Hearing this, Dustin’s curiosity piqued, and he has since loved recycling. When he turned 9 years old, Dustin asked for a gift. What gift did he ask for, you ask? Well, he asked for a dog! Initially, his parents were against the idea as owning a dog gives one additional responsibility and extra spending. With a bit of a tantrum from Dustin, however, his parents eventually gave in and got Julius.


Even more, various facts about Dustin in our recycle cartoon story!

Goals: Dustin’s goal, according to our recycle cartoon story, is to become a full-fledged scientist when grows up and discover a way to recycle any item or product you can think of. That may be a bit impossible now, but who knows when the time comes, right?

Quirks: He is an introvert, according to our recycle cartoon story. But he loves talking to an alien called Clarence. Unbeknownst to many, Clarence comes from an advanced planet with advanced recycling. Dustin, by constantly talking to Clarence, now knows a lot about advanced recycling and will apply what he has learned later in life when he becomes a scientist.


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