Recycle Hot Water Bottle ♨️: In this blog, we discuss how you can recycle your hot water bottle at home. Is it possible to place it in your recycling bin? Or, do you have to dispose of it some other way? Continue reading this blog to learn more.


For those unfamiliar with hot water bottles, they are sealed container that can be filled with hot water. People all around the world use hot water bottles as a way to warm themselves or help ease the pain they currently experience.

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Hot water bottles are usually manufactured from rubber or polyvinyl chloride (or simply PVC – a type of plastic). If you want to learn the manufacturing date of the hot water bottle, then you simply have to find the ‘daisy wheel’ date mark, as per Product Safety Australia.

Question: if one wishes to dispose of their old hot water bottle and replace it with a new one, do they have the option of recycling it? Can they recycle their hot water bottle? Below, we tackle that and give you some other viable options, as well. Read on to learn more.


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Recycle hot water bottle: place-dependent

Now, can you place your hot water bottle in your recycling bin?

In Australia, the answer would be typically no. But it really depends, some areas do accept them.


Why you cannot recycle

In this section, we answer why hot water bottle recycling is not possible in some locations. You must dispose of them in your rubbish or general waste bin, instead. So, no need to do anything else, just place it in the rubbish bin.

But, why can you not recycle hot water bottle? Simple – because of its potential to cause injury if in case it leaks. It can easily leak if it is already damaged. As a result, you should not place them in your recycling bin as they may contaminate the recycling process.


Why you can recycle your hot water bottle

Now that we have answered why you cannot, we want to answer why you can indeed recycle your hot water bottle.

You can, after all, recycle both rubber and PVC. However, you should recycle them differently from each other, depending on their type.

PVC hot water bottles can be recycled as plastic is encouraged to be taken to recycling facilities to be recycled because of its many uses. Some areas already have specialised machinery specifically developed to properly grind PVC and turn them into granules. Afterwards, they are reheated and transformed into other PVC products such as plumbing materials for drainpipes ang gutters. Of course, this helps to reduce waste from going into landfill and lessen the need to extract and use raw resources at the same time.

As for rubber, you can also recycle them like PVC. Rubber hot water bottles are processed in recycling facilities and are usually turned into latex, which in turn, can be manufactured into other materials such as plumbing fittings, tyres and more. Just make sure to remove anything not rubber (e.g., brass screw thread – take this to the metal recycling bin).

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What about its cover and bottle top?

When you recycle hot water bottles, what should you do with the cover and bottle top?

Typically, you can also recycle those. The covers of hot water bottles are made from different textiles such as cotton, fleece or wool. A number of programs have already been implemented, with most commonly found in shopping. Bottle tops should be first collected before recycled as a singular bottle top would be too small to be processed.


Repurposing hot water bottles

An alternative to recycling hot water bottles is to repurpose or upcycle them, instead. Let your creative side out and create something new out of old hot water bottles!

  • Turn your old hot water bottle into a flower vase. Instead of buying a new pot, you can use your hot water bottle as a flower vase. Because of the different colours of hot water bottles available, you can display them at your house effectively, turning them into eye-candy house decorations. Just make sure there are no leaks to hold the level of water you want to hold when you plan to add water.
  • Transform them into rubber duckies or other shapes! This is also a fun way to repurpose your hot water bottles instead of trying to recycle them. First, find a template to your liking and cut it according to that shape. You can print or draw them in cardboard to have a pattern. Then, voila! Keep them near your bathtub, ready for playtime!

For more ideas, you can visit wikiHow’s article.


Recycle hot water bottle: Waster’s final thoughts

Depending on some areas, you can or cannot recycle hot water bottles in Australia. Make sure to contact your local council first to know how to deal with your hot water bottle. For more information on how to recycle other items, take a look at our waste and recycling directory.


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