Recycled Pens 🖊️: Pens are easily one of the most disposable items there is. Read more to find out how you can reuse and recycle your collected pens.

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All about recycled pens

Pens are obviously an important must-have for everyone. You might not agree with me because of the prevalence of technology nowadays. But trust me when I say that many people still use ballpoint pens. They still prefer them because it is a much more personal and intimate way to connect with someone as opposed to typing it on a computer.

In fact, did you know that 2 billion pens are produced each year in the US alone? That gives us an idea of the popularity of the pen in today’s world. In fact, according to Recycle Nation, the French pen manufacturer, BIC sells about 8.76 billion stationery items each year! But it leads us to this question: how much of it is recycled? Now, by reading this, you realise the importance of recycling pens. Read on to learn more in the next sections to follow.

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But why should we recycle them?

Before we even think about recycling these writing tools, we first have to know why we should recycle pens. As little as they are in size, they still pose a huge threat to the environment if left to rot in landfills. Why is it important for them not to go landfill? First of all, plastics make up these pens. As many of us know, plastics will not biodegrade in landfills for a very, very long time. Additionally, pens contain toxic materials in them when incinerated – which are toxic gases such as dioxins. So, incineration is also out of the question.

And we also have to factor in the rate of production. I already mentioned here that pens are still manufactured worldwide at a shocking rate. That only means that it does not matter if pens are small in size, they can still occupy so much space in landfills because of their sheer numbers. In the next section, I will discuss how we should recycle pens.


How do we recycle pens?

Now the next question arises: how can we recycle these types of pens? We now know the importance of it, after all. The first thing to consider in recycling them is that you cannot just simply throw them into singe-stream recycling bins because they are too small and they contain different kinds of materials. It may compromise the recycling machinery if you insist on mixing them with different kinds of recyclables. Additionally, you might also contaminate

The first thing you can do is by sending your pen waste to TerraCycle Zero Waste Box. Basically, you can use this box to recycle your discarded pens, pen caps, mechanical pencils, markers, marker caps, permanent markers, and permanent marker caps. Furthermore, do not include the following: wooden pencils, crayons, paint or paintbrushes.

The second thing you could do to recycle your collected pens is to bring your pens to the Officeworks recycling stations. In November 2019, shortly after the Recycling Week, Officeworks launched its national battery and pen recycling programme. Click here to find your local Officeworks and where you can use the free recycling options.


Importance of utilising technology nowadays

Nowadays, you do not have to use pens and paper that much as compared to the other prior years. And we have the technology available today to thank for that. Gone are the days wherein you sit on your chair and write a letter – any kind of letter – using your pen, your paper, and your mind. Instead, in modern times, you sit in your chair, facing the computer, and slowly but surely type your letter using the keyboard while facing the computer monitor.


How it benefits not just us

This is more than being beneficial for people. It is also beneficial for the environment. Here are some of the things we can do now on devices without the use of a pen and paper:

  • Create documents (if working in an office or the like)
  • Pay for your items with a credit card instead of using a cheque
  • List down the things you need to buy (e.g., groceries, tools, etc.) on your phone instead of using a pen and paper
  • Typing emails

But even with all of these available at the palm of our hands, it does not necessarily eliminate our need for pens and paper. Aside from finding ways to recycle your pen, you have other “greener” options you can do to help the environment. First, you have to make sure that the pen you buy is of high quality (i.e., it will last a very long time). Additionally, you can also buy reusable, refillable pens with ink cartridges that you can get rid of easily and in the proper way. Buy recycled pens if you ever encounter one. An example of this is BIC’s recycled pen. Find other sites that sell recycled pens. Also, you can donate your pens that you do not use anymore instead of throwing them in the trash bin. Maybe you have a friend or co-worker that wants them; give it to them, instead.


Recycled pens: conclusion

For all those people who searched the following words on Google – or on other search engines – like “Where can I recycle pens and markers”, “Are BIC pens recyclable,” or “Pen recycling near me”; I hope this blog answers all of your questions.

Indeed, the act of recycling pens is pretty much possible – and important, as well. If you want to recycle them, you just have to find the nearest firms that act as dropoff locations. Also, remember to collect a certain number of pens (depending on the instruction) as this is much better than only dropping and recycling a few. Recycling pens not only benefit us people but also the environment. One more thing, you can opt to do other things that once required using a pen and paper on the computer or on your phone, instead.


Waster: things you need to know

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