Recycling Club Ideas 🏫: Are you thinking of starting a recycling club at your school? What should you do to start one? Will this help children be more educated and engaged in helping the environment? In this blog, we give you some recycling club ideas to use so that you can successfully pilot a recycling club in your school.


We’ve already discussed teaching recycling to students and even provided a quiz to help add to kids’ knowledge on recycling, now we also aim to help those who want to start a recycling club with kids.

It is no secret that kids are like a sponge. I remember my brother doing things I did not know a kid as young as 5 years old can do – performing astounding actions such as knowing how to access (restricted and kid-friendly) YouTube videos. Teach them how to do something and they will get it in no time.

With that being said, it is a good idea to teach young children the importance of taking care of the Earth. You can even bring them together and fight for the greater good – learning about and protecting the environment at the same time! This is very much possible by establishing a recycling club. Recycling clubs, whether in school or not, can go long ways and help the environment. Doing so provides children the proper guidance, camaraderie and resources necessary to teach children on how to recycle in a fun way!

Below, we provide you with some recycling club ideas you can consider should you want to start a recycling club in school. Continue reading below to learn more.


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Recycling club ideas: ways on how to start a recycling club at school

You might get a bit intimidated when trying to start a school recycling club because of the effort you have to exert to make it possible. However, know that this is a rewarding experience and will help in shaping the citizens of tomorrow aka ‘the kids of today’.

How do you start a recycling club in school? Below, we enumerate the steps you should implement along with some recycling club ideas.


1. Seek cooperation from parents and other school staff

Of course, everybody by know already knows the saying, “no man is an island” right? On a similar note, you cannot start a recycling club, come up with your own ideas and expect to succeed without the help of others.

So first things first, gather dedicated volunteers to help the kids recycle. Reach out to the kids’ parents and school staff at your school before anything else. What about the others aside from those mentioned who you want to reach out to? You do not have to worry about that. Information can be easily spread nowadays thanks to social media (mainly), but you can also distribute flyers and put up posters to ask for volunteers. Guidance from the grown-up can and will help kids become more knowledgeable in recycling and motivated to recycle.


2 A good recycling club idea is to sign up to recycling organisations

You can also seek help from organisations dedicated to recycling. For example, in the US, TerraCycle has partnered with  Entenmann’s Little Bites to provide a free recycling program for Entenmann’s Little Bites pouches. Simply contact, register and learn of their Ts and Cs so everything goes without a hitch! Speaking of Ts and Cs, learn of Waster’s now!


3. Set up collection points and bins strategically

Accessibility is key when you want to successfully start a recycling club. The grown-ups (i.e., you, the teachers, school staff, volunteer parents and other volunteers) should brainstorm and decide where they should put the recycling bins. The positioning should of the bins should be strategically done. Learn what is best for you. For example, you can place them in each classrooms so the children can easily access them.

Additionally, collection time should also be planned carefully and accordingly. Use your sound system to make recycling announcements. Use all of the resources you have!

YouTube video


Recycling club ideas outside of school

What if you are in club outside of school and want to implement recycling in that club as well? Is it possible?

The answer: A big, fat YES! 

Along with the recycling club ideas we stated above which you can also incorporate, you can definitely start one even if your club does not belong to a school.

In Australia, youth clubs and sports team can incorporate recycling into their system and even raise money with the help of Envirobank. They can help clubs and sporting teams by providing easy access to the container deposit scheme operating in their respective states.

The process itself is easy. You just have to do the following:

  1. Members and players collect eligible containers.
  2. Return them to Envirobank or arrange a pickup.
  3. Earn money for your club.
envirobank recycling program process
Courtesy of Envirobank: recycling program process

For more information, just go their website already linked above. Also, get in touch with them if you have more questions.


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