Recycling Dumpsters: Even if you do not say dumpster – you know what one is! That shows the prevalence of US tv and movies in Australia. If you are a regular reader of our blogs you would be aware that we always strive to bring you the latest and best advice and news on how to better organise waste services and recycling dumpsters for your business. In today’s blog – we want to cover some of the most common mistakes that people make when organising their business recycling.


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Recycling dumpsters – what are the most common recycling mistakes that people make


Some of the issues that happen when a business makes mistakes with recycling include:

– recycling bins can be “contaminated” and then will be recorded as general waste

– businesses end up spending too much on their waste services


We saw a good article recently – highlighting common mistakes that people make. Please see the article on We quote from the article below:


Including plastic bags in commingled recycling – this can cause issues with the separation process (smart waste collection) when the commingled recycling is collected and brought to the facility. Plastic bags can be recycled in numerous locations such as Coles.


Recycling dumpsters bins

Keeping lids on drinks containers – some of the lids will not be recyclable and should go into general waste


Keeping liquids in the containers – “If there is liquid inside, it may spill and contaminate other commingled materials such as paper. Additionally, containers carrying liquid are heavier than empty containers, and this may lead to inaccurate sorting at the recycling plant.”


Overly greasy food packaging – whilst this is not usually an issue – you should ensure that packaging is not soaked in food waste.


Spending time removing labels – to be honest you really do not need to!


Do you have any other good suggestions we could add to this list? Also – bear in mind that investors prefer companies that recycle.


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