Rethink Your Waste Management ✔️: To help firms minimise their environmental footprint and waste management spend, the Queensland Government has produced a very useful PDF document that is free to download entitled Rethink Waste, A Guide to Reviewing Waste and Recycling Contracts. Obviously, this PDF helps you rethink your waste, as the document title suggests!

The document can be accessed via our waste resources page (alongside a lot of other useful information. If you live on the Goldie you can check out a guide to waste management Gold Coast here.

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What is rethinking your waste management?

Rethink your waste management to better deal with your waste.

Called Rethink Waste, it basically pushes Australian communities to ponder on what we do and how we handle our waste. All of this is to help Aussies improve how they reduce, reuse and recycle. Rethink Waste encourages everyone to work together so that we can reduce our waste that ends up in landfill significantly, thereby reducing waste’s impact on the environment.


Example places Rethink Waste covers

Rethink Waste, a known statewide initiative, covers three regional waste management groups  Cradle Coast Waste Services, the Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group and the Southern Tasmanian Waste Management Group in Tasmania.

It also is a statewide initiative in Queensland, with different councils committed to implement and spearhead new initiatives by laying out waste management plans to improve both waste reduction and recycling.


What you can do

So, of course, we will tackle probably the most important question of this blog: how can we “rethink our waste management?”

Doing that is simple enough. You just have to remember a few things, either as a household or business, to carefully and efficiently manage your waste.

Here, we state some examples of what you can do in rethinking waste management:

  • Before trying to dispose of or recycle an item, check its status first. Is it still usable? If so, donate it to any charity of your choice.
  • Throw waste to where it should be thrown. For example, recyclables should be thrown in the commingled recycling bin and those that cannot be recycled into the general waste bin.
  • Compost when possible! Improve your garden with compostable waste. Talking about compost, check out our blog on whether or not plastic can be composted in Australia.
  • Check with your local council for an available container deposit scheme.
  • Answer this Rethink Waste recycling quiz to know more about what to do with your waste. Education is key!


Rethink your waste management: issues covered in central waste and recycling contracts document

The document is very in line with the customer education that Waster believes in and should be considered before you make a choice on your waste and recycling provider (i.e., rethinking your waste management and recycling). The useful central waste and recycling PDF covers a number of very important topics on waste recycling companies and how to recycle garbage waste in your business including:

A. What is and isn’t included in the contract for central waste and recycling?

B. What are the charges for the waste recycling environmental services provided?

C. And, what waste recycling environmental services will be delivered for the life of the contract?

The document goes on to provide a useful question check list that could help any business owner when they are rethinking their waste management and considering a central waste or recycling contract for your business, no matter whether it is a small start up or a large established business. Questions asked include:

“Some waste or recycling collection contracts may contain automatic renewal or extension clauses. This means that contracts might automatically renew or be extended if a business does not notify the waste or recycling contractor that it does not wish to extend or renew its contract. The contract may also specify the time within which a business has to notify. If this is an issue for the business, the business should discuss it with their waste or recycling contractor or seek appropriate legal advice.”

“What are the start and end dates of the contract?”

central waste and recycling companies

More questions

“Will the contract automatically roll over into a new contract at the completion of the contract period?”

“If the contract period ends, do collection services go off contract and is this charged at a different rate?”

You can also check out some other blogs we have posted on recycling such as organic waste solutions.

All these questions should, of course, be asked when you are seeking to put in place a waste reduction and recycling plan for your business that will sustainably save money and reduce waste to landfill.


Value of this central waste and recycling document in light of recent legal changes

The law as regards to central waste and recycling environmental agreements changed in late 2017, where traditionally tough waste management contracts for small businesses were found to no longer be legal.

This means that hidden rollover clauses, etc. are no longer valid for central waste and recycling contracts for small and medium Aussie businesses – certainly a big help when trying to rethink waste management and recycling plans.

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Conclusion on rethinking your waste management

All in all, it is a very useful document and Waster recommends any small business owner seeking rubbish removal Brisbane to read it before signing a waste or recycling contract before totally rethinking their waste management.

Rethinking waste management practices should be done to know if what you are doing is right or not. Assess, change and retain until you perfect your waste management practices. Also, never assume you already have the right waste management practices. It does not hurt to assess and learn.

Take a look at our blog on what documentation is required for garbage disposals.

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