Rubbish bins Melbourne: how long does it take to deliver bins once they have been booked? When a new customer calls us to make a new booking for waste or recycling services – such as rubbish bin collection Melbourne, one of the most common questions they ask is “when can you deliver the bins?”

We of course receive lots of questions, but delivery times tend to be one of the most common. At the end of the day, no one wants excess waste sitting around when you are opening a new business.

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It is the nature of the world for people to think hard about the service they want to book.  And, once they have made that decision, they want it implemented and delivered as soon as possible. A good example of this is when a new business is opening its doors for the first time and has:

a.) limited experience of arranging bins and waste services, and

b.) have forgotten or not been aware that they need to book bin services.


How long does it take to deliver rubbish bins bins in Melbourne once you have booked?

As a rule of thumb, it will take roughly a week to 10 days to deliver your bins once you have booked your recycling or general waste bin hire for waste removal in Melbourne. Let me go into a bit more detail about the process and what happens once you make a booking with Waster. This is because setting up a bin service involves the creation of an account, checking access times, health and safety inspections and then finally routing it on to a truck route and day etc:

Rubbish bins Melbourne Step one: Waster checks all your details and confirms that the bins you have booked for waste disposal Melbourne are what you actually want. People do make mistakes and would want to avoid that through thorough checking.

Rubbish bins Melbourne Step two: We perform a site inspection by verifying truck access, any gates, overhead restrictions and council curfews. It is vital to sort this out at the beginning as it can be time consuming to alter services and bins, etc. once they have been delivered.

Rubbish bins Melbourne Step three: We arrange the bin service by booking it on a route and service day. Bear in mind that not all areas will be serviced by every truck type every day. For example, Sydney CBD generally does not have recycling collections at weekends. We book the waste collection Melbourne service and aim to make the schedule best suit your business requirements.


rubbish bin collection melbourne

Rubbish bins Melbourne Step four: We arrange delivery. This involves booking the bins on a truck. This is obviously trickier the bigger the bin size is. Waster offers bin sizes from 120-litre bins up to 4.5-cubic metre bins – quite a significant difference. Generally, most bins can be delivered in most areas a couple of days a week.


Rubbish bins Melbourne services available through Waster

As mentioned, Waster offers rubbish bin services to Melbourne businesses in both bin sizes from 240-litre wheelie bins up to 4.5m-front load bins. See the 240-litre waste bin size below:

240 litre waste bin size


Waster also offers reliable medical waste bin collections in the Melbourne metro. The pricing is accurate as of February 2024. Check the details below:

  1. 240-litre clinical waste service (i.e., collection and disposal inclusive) – $168.36+GST per service.
  2. 120-litre clinical waste service (i.e., collection and disposal inclusive) – $129.15 +GST per service.

Other details about Waster’s offers

We also offer sharps services as below (sharps containers can be placed in the medical waste bin to reduce costs):

1.8-litre sharps container  – initial supply ($15.00 plus GST), disposal ($14.00 plus GST) Note: if the sharps container is placed in a Waster scheduled medical waste bin collection, there is no additional collection charge. A collection charge of $50.00+GST will be applied if no scheduled medical waste bin service.

3.5-litre sharps container  – initial supply ($15.00 plus GST), disposal ($19.00 plus GST) Note that the statement above applies to this container, too  – if the sharps container is placed in a Waster scheduled medical waste bin collection, there is no additional collection charge. A collection charge of $50.00+GST will be applied if no scheduled medical waste bin service.

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By selecting your medical rubbish bin Melbourne service and schedule you will see the price you will pay. Note: the price you are quoted is the price per collection. When you book, a friendly customer service agent will be in touch to confirm your address, and service requirements and arrange bin delivery. When you arrange your medical waste bins Melbourne services through Waster, you can rest assured with our flexible 30-day agreements and no hidden extras. In this way, you will never be locked into a services agreement that does not suit you or your business needs.

Depending on your location, a medical rubbish bins service in Melbourne (i.e., clinical waste) will either be autoclaved or incinerated. An autoclave is a method of heating to very high heat so any bacteria is killed.

Note that expired medicines and tablets should not be disposed of in this bin.


Check out our other services today

Waster offers comprehensive waste and recycling services covering general waste as well as all recycling streams, confidential paper, grease trap, sanitary bins, etc. We can also seek solutions for your more unusual waste requirements. Simply give us a call or email with any queries. We are always eager to help your business. In this case, we always want to help Melbourne businesses with their rubbish bin service needs.

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Can we deliver rubbish bins quickly in Melbourne should there be emergency circumstances?

Waster prides itself on high-quality customer service. In many examples, we have made extra efforts to deliver bins on quick turnarounds – even the next day. On many occasions, our teams have put a couple of small bins in our vans to deliver to customers the very next day. Of course, it is impossible to put 4.5m-bins in the back of a van that quickly!

For comprehensive details on our services, access our online help centre which answers common questions. For other general questions check out our articles on wheelie bin cleaning and wheelie bin sizes. Check out our guide for new businesses arranging waste services in Melbourne here – bin collection Melbourne.

At Waster, we can also provide shorter-term rubbish removal Melbourne services – such as for a concert or event. These short-term services will involve a delivery and removal fee and are priced on request. Please contact us on 1300 927 837 for details re wheelie bin rubbish removal Melbourne.

Prior to delivering bins to your business, Waster, like any waste collection or recycling business, needs to perform a site assessment for health and safety as well as access issues. We need to confirm we can safely service your location. We also need to confirm that we can access the bin during any restriction or time window, etc.


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