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Rubbish removal Newcastle – why your bin needs to be able to close

The tricky thing about waste services is that it is collected by volume but disposed off at the landfill by weight (in tonnes). This means that your waste provider (and Waster included) will estimate the weight of your waste when quoting you a price.


In industry parlance – we expect your bins to weight a certain amount based on the industry you operate in i.e. food manufacturers will be heavier on average than offices for example.


Because of this – companies with heavier bins will pay more for their rubbish removal Newcastle services.


A problem arises if your bins are overfilled – i.e. the lid will not close and the rubbish is spilling out. This creates a number of issues for the garbage collection company:


A – A health and safety issue – tipping and moving bins that are overflowing can be dangerous – i.e. as it can mean rubbish falls on people or the bin is too heavy – causing strain and stress injuries.


B – Time required increase – when a bin is overfilled, the driver will have to spend time ensuring the bin can be safely emptied and that any rubbish overflowing is also disposed off. This time and effort is not factored into the route for that day – and also, the driver is not paid to do it!


C. The extra weight means the service is not commercially viable for the supplier – if a bin is regularly overfilled, that bin will become loss making for the service company. i.e. it is equivalent to two bins being picked up for the price of one.


Waster terms and conditions are as follows – under Point 8.


8. Weight Limit. “The Customer” must not fill the “bins” beyond the maximum height of the container and the lid must be able to be fully closed. “The Customer” acknowledges that the weight of the waste deposited in the “bins” shall not exceed the agreed weight per cubic meter agreed. Excessive weight may be invoiced as an extra charge at the discretion of “the Supplier”.


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Check out the short video from Newcastle City Council for info on the three bins provided to residents.