Rubbish removal Sydney CBD: Sydney CBD is the most densely populated and congested area of any metro region in Australia (all but one of Australia’s 20 most densely populated suburbs are in Sydney with Pyrmont and Potts Point topping the ladder with more than 13,000 people per sq km.) – and of course this brings with it special considerations if you are seeking to arrange rubbish removal Sydney CBD services or office recycling services for your business.


Waster works with lots of small and medium businesses in the Sydney CBD area and in this blog we will cover some of the particular considerations to bear in mind.


A bit about who we are


Waster offers small and medium Aussie businesses a real alternative in waste and recycling – such as CBD rubbish removal – by providing services on flexible 30 day agreements, and charging no hidden fees such as environmental fees etc. You can check out pricing for bin collection services (office rubbish removal and office waste recycling) and arrange your required bin services online in our shop below:



What to think about when booking rubbish removal Sydney CBD services


In this quick blog we cover a number of issues that are particularly important in the congested streets of the Sydney CBD for CBD rubbish removal service. For other info on waste services in Sydney – check out our blogs on waste management in Sydney and waste services Sydney.


Key issues you may need to consider when arranging a provider for rubbish removal Sydney CBD include:


Council curfews: as the Sydney CBD generally is a densely populated area, there may be residential areas right next to your business location. This may result in council restrictions on when waste and recycling services can be performed. Garbage trucks can be pretty noisy and of course, no one likes being woken up in the middle of the night by trucks and waste bins moving.


If you are a CBD business – the last thing you want to do is drive away or alienate your potential customers!


rubbish removal sydney CBD


You may need to shop around a couple of waste companies (or simply use Waster!) to get a service provider who can meet your required time window for Sydney CBD rubbish removal. For example, we have worked with restaurants who have not wanted collections during their busy evening sittings or lunchtimes. See our blog on waste services for cafes.


Space available for bins: As space is commonly at a premium in the CBD – you may not have room for larger bins such as 1100 litre or 660 litre bins – it is unlikely you will be able to fit large front lift bins in the CBD.


We work with a number of companies who only have room for 240 litre wheelie bins – and hence require services every day. When you are looking at premises – you should consider is there a loading dock or can trucks access narrow alleys or lane ways near and behind your locations. We can arrange for smaller trucks when available – but this can cause complexity.


It is often required to get an access pass or key for the loading dock – in some instances rubbish removal Sydney CBD will require the truck driver to pull bins out of a garbage room.


If you work in the eastern suburbs of Sydney – check out our informative blog here.


Grease trap positioning: in the CBD – grease traps are often located in underground car-parks (which can be just as complex as rubbish removal Sydney CBD).


This can also cause complexity when arranging services and may require a site inspection to confirm what size of truck etc is required.


See our blog on rubbish removal Sydney north shore.


The good news re rubbish removal Sydney CBD!


Lots of rubbish can be recycled in Sydney CBD – if you have dry waste such as office waste and office recycling – speak to us – as it is possible to recycle over 90% of your waste.