If you are a regular reader of our blogs – you will be aware that as a business, we make money by providing bin and recycling services. If people did not need rubbish removed at all – well in theory we may not have a business at all.


At Waster we say, I am committed to the environment and focus on helping you boost recycling. I believe that any development for the environment is good news – and so we like to promote it.


Can technology save the environment?


In today’s blog – we intend to take a look in our crystal ball and forecast the future. With technology improvements – will you even need to have rubbish removed or bin collections at all?


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Will we need to have rubbish removed or bins at all in the future?


Hard to predict the future

There is an old saying that it is tricky to make predictions – especially about the future! Of course, we may end up with egg on my face for these predictions.


The world is changing so fast – and sometimes you are shocked to learn new things. For example, in my blog on green business – we saw that Bitcoin mining uses more electricity than some countries!


We will cover a number of developments that will likely lead to less rubbish and recycling bins.


Rubbish removed - is it needed


Lower population:


Hard as it may be to believe – many countries currently have a decreasing population. This is especially true in Europe and Japan. We expect these trends to continue – and of course, fewer people means less rubbish to collect.


Delivery by drones:


You may see drones now as a toy to play with or as a video camera aid – i.e. at a football game. In the near future – it is possible that products could be delivered by drone.


This will obviously decrease the need for retail stores (ordering on internet) which will impact road transport and trucking.



In this area – Amazon has already launched a program called Amazon Prime Air – which will deliver in less than 30 minutes!


3d printing:


3d printing will decrease the amount of waste products. This 3D printing technology is fundamentally different from manufacturing techniques that we have used in the past.


This difference is in a couple of ways.


Firstly – it removes the need for deliveries of completed goods. All that you will need to have delivered are the component inks for your printer.


Additive not subtractive


Secondly – it is an additive manufacturing approach. This means that no product needs to be cut away to reveal the final design.


Think of it like a statue. The artist does not have to chisel away the marble to reveal the image. The image will instead grow from nothing.


This fundamental change will mean that you have much less excess rubbish removed needs.


Organic waste solutions


I forecast that more people will grow their own food – as green houses etc become more popular. This will be due to cheaper electricity from solar panels and storage such as Tesla battery packs.


The same drones we mentioned before will likely be able to water and pick the crop – we hope!


This will mean less need for packaged food containers such as bottles, cans etc which currently go in commingled recycling bins.


See our blog on how contamination thresholds for commingled bins are getting tighter.


The organic waste will then be useful for your composting etc – or could be used in worm farms.




From looking in my crystal ball – I forecast a greener future. This is of course based on technology such as drones, solar panels etc and the climate remaining favorable so we can grow crops etc.


We will have to wait and see I suppose!


On an unrelated note – today is Valentines Day – so do not forget to buy flowers for your loved ones!