School Recycling Quiz For Australian Primary Schools


School Recycling Quiz For Primary Schools:

Try our Australian schools; recycling quiz to see how much you and your classmates know about recycling.


Test yourself and your friends on which item goes in which bin. Do you know your yellow bin from your blue or red bin? Can you tell which bin is suitable for which type of waste or recycling item?


Recyclable items unfortunately tend to end up in landfill every year because people do not know if they can recycle them or not. This applies to very common items such as pizza boxes, drinks bottles and cans of tomatoes.


Another very common issue – is people think items can be recycled in your yellow or blue bin when in fact they can not! This is common for items like plastic bags.


We based this test or quiz around the bin colours most common in Australia. However, you may find some variation on what your local council or recycling facility can accept or not depending on your exact location. If you spot any errors or mistakes, or simply disagree with us – and of course, that happens – please contact us and we happily discuss it with you.


Teachers can use this simple and fun school recycling quiz online test for all class ages, ranging from primary to secondary schools.


Have fun, keep recycling and good luck!

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