Small Business Recycling Demonstrated By Rosa 👩: As we traverse through our recycling cartoon story, we introduce, yet again, another character: Rosa! Who is Rosa? What does she do? And, does she love recycling like the other characters? Discover who she is by reading more below.

rosaIn the quiet but happy town of Seahaven, many people (and animals like dogs!) go about their business, trying to live life just the way they want. A woman named Rosa like the characters we have talked about has quite an exciting life.

Who exactly is this Rosa character? Does she love recycling like the rest of the mentioned characters? And, what is her backstory?

Below, we will talk about that and more. So, stay tuned and continue reading this blog to learn more!


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Before we go further and learn who Rosa is and how to recycle as a small business according to her, let me share with you more information about Waster.

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Now, on to Rosa!


Rosa, the cafè owner and small business recycling enthusiast!

Another one of our new characters, Rosa, takes the stage! Now, learn who she really is below.

Name: Rosa

Age: 30 years old

Height: 170 cm

Nickname/s: Rosy

Appearance: According to the story, Rosa is a black-haired woman of fair height and black eyes. As a cafè owner, one would expect Rosa to wear, let’s say, a sundress or something a bit more formal like tailored pants, pencil skirts, blouses and blazers. But no. Rosa, instead, wears protective gear much like Wally because she, too, loves recycling!


More on Rosa, the cafè owner that loves recycling

Personality: As one might already expect, Rosa is a kind woman with a heart of gold. She loves talking to anyone, especially to her customers in the cafè. As a result of this, her cafè in Seahaven is the most famous and sought-out area to dine, drink and enjoy. Something that she loves as much as the cafè she runs is recycling. She even shares with her fellow small business owners how recycling can help them, regardless of their business’s nature. Wally, in particular, is someone that Rosa loves talking to when it comes to recycling. They can go hours upon hours of talking about recycling in the afternoon up until the cafè’s closing time. Strangely enough, even with Rosa talking to Wally, she still has the ability to work as efficiently as a cafè owner can do!

Backstory: Rosa was born and grew up in Seahaven. She has not left it since! She was classmates with Wally when she was going to school. As students, they were already talking about waste management and recycling. They also hung out a lot and played together, which made their friends and classmates alike think of them as soulmates. As a young girl, she dreamed of owning and running her own cafè. Years later, all of her dreams would come true and more!


Last batch of facts about Rosa

Goals: She has high hopes for cafè. Simply put, she wishes that her cafè will last long in the future, ready to serve anyone in Seahaven. But aside from the cafè’s success, she aims for it to become more “zero-waste”. That is the reason why she loves recycling, emphasises the importance of recycling and shares this information with other small businesses.

Quirks: She loves wearing her waste and recycling protective gear wherever she goes.


Rosa’s tips for small business recycling

According to Rosa, maintaining a zero-waste cafè is hard, but is not impossible in the slightest.

First off, she makes sure to get her goods from local farms instead of having them shipped from far places. The packaging from local farms has fewer waste by-products and even comes from sustainable components.

Next, she separates her recyclables from non-recyclables to help make a difference in the environment and save money at the same time. She puts all her recyclables in the recycling bins whilst those that cannot be recycled, she puts them in the general waste bin. Wally a.k.a Mr Waster helps her regularly with her rubbish as he has offered her different bin services dedicated to different types of waste.

Finally (and judging from what was mentioned above), she booked different services from a reputable waste and recycling company, Waster, hence successfully having a zero-waste cafè!


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