Small wheelie bin: if you are considering what size of wheelie bin is right for your business whether it is in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney etc, we will help you make the right choice in this article.


Picking the right bin size – whether it is a small wheelie bin or a large dumpster rental is vital as a step to boosting recycling and saving your business money.


We will quickly run through the wheelie bin sizes available on the Australian waste market and provide some images with dimensions and measurements etc.

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What small wheelie bin sizes are available

Through our online waste management shop provided you can see all the wheelie bin sizes Australia available. For General Waste and Cardboard & Paper recycling we currently offer wheelie bin sizes 240 litres, 660 litres and 1100 litres.


Note: most bins provided for home usage will be of either 120 litres or 240 litres depending on the waste stream (local councils are progressively trying to decrease the size of general waste bins available for residents to increase recycling and decrease their costs). In 2018 – it is increasingly common for councils to be decreasing the small wheelie bin size for general waste to only 80 litres – i.e. a third of the standard 240 litre wheelie bin size.


This small wheelie bin size is not available for commercial collections – i.e. the smallest wheelie bin size that we provide for commercial collections is the 240 litre wheelie bin – which is c. 1.06 tall.


The litres refers to the volume of the bin i.e. 240 litres would contain 240 litres of water when full. Check out our 120 litre and 240 litre bins for secure document disposal.


We provide images below of varying small wheelie bin sizes – 120 litres, 240 litres and 660 litres.

120 litre wheelie bin


120 litre wheelie bin


240 litre wheelie bin


240 ltr wheelie bin


660 litre wheelie bin


660 ltr wheelie bin


Does your council provide the service – often do for small bins


A number of councils (though decreasing) continue to provide collections of smaller wheelie bins for commercial businesses and organisations. This is certainly not as prevalent as it used to be and is being phased out in a number of areas.


You should investigate if this service is available to you, as it may be significantly cheaper than can be provided by commercial waste companies.


Use on site wheelie bins – rosette lids etc


You may be planning on utilising smaller wheelie bins for on site usage – i.e. if you operate a large site such as a school, hospital, convention centre or hotel. It is common to empty the smaller bins into larger bins such as 3.0 cubic metre or 4.5 cubic metre bins for collection as this is more efficient and reduces collection cost.


Waster can help you with numerous additions to use on site bins such as rosette lids (see below) to help meet your onsite needs.


Rosette bin lid


Bin lifters and tipplers

Waste can provide bin lifters and tippler machines to facilitate emptying small wheelie bins into larger bins for collection. This can be extremely useful on site and reduce injuries as well as spilled garbage around the facility and significantly reduce time requirements.


Bin enclosures:


If you have your small wheelie bin sizes in public areas – you may wish to consider a bin enclosure – you can see examples at the website linked here.


This sort of bin enclosure can provide a strong and appealing visual look to your small wheelie bin position and can boost recycling.


Inside office small wheelie bin size:


For bins to be positioned inside your office – we would recommend you visit Method Recycling – an Australian business that manufactures high quality small wheelie bin sizes for inside offices etc.



These bins would be emptied into larger wheelie bins or dumpster style bins by your cleaning staff for collection by the rubbish truck.


Next steps re small wheelie bin sizes in Australia


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