Everything You Need To Know About Steel Recycling 🔩: First things first, is steel recycling possible?

The answer to the question of “is steel recycling possible?”, of course, is a big yes! In fact, it is regarded as one of the most recyclable commodities out there. 

– Mr Waster

With that out of the way, for today’s blog, we want to talk about how recycling steel benefit us. As you may all know, Mr Waster always reminds everyone of the importance of recycling. It is our job to ensure the following:

  • Cost reduction purposes
  • Effective waste management
  • Control – or at the very least, reduce – waste going into landfill

We practise paper and plastic recycling profusely. But what about steel? Steel pollution, as studied by researchers, can become a potent pollutant on the environment, much like the first two materials mentioned. According to a study, dissolved iron through the means of air pollution increases the ocean’s chances to trap carbon. As a result, we must make sure to properly process and recycle steel.

To add to all of that, we want to share with you some examples of reliable steel recyclers that you could send your steel or metal products to for recycling.


A bit about Waster

Before I continue with the topic on the advantages of steel recycling, let me first share with you Waster.

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Benefits of steel recycling

bike crank
Steel Bike Crank

1. Resource and energy saving

For one thing, recycling steel helps reduce the consumption of other resources and cuts the energy used to mine and locate steel.

To emphasise, one tonne of recycled steel saves up to half a tonne of coal and 1.5 tonnes of iron ore. Additionally, steel recycling also saves thousands of gallons of water, as well. According to Stainless Structurals, you need about 1,100 kg of iron ore, 630 kg of coal, and 55 kg of limestone before you successfully produce 1,000 kg – or one metric tonne of new stainless steel.

As for the saving energy part, take note that recycled steel does not have to be mined, processed, and transported to be produced. An analysis stated by Stainless Structurals said that 50 per cent of the energy exerted by manufacturing original, stainless steel is not necessary when utilising recycled steel.


2. Another steel recycling advantage is diverting waste from landfill

Recycling steel means less need for landfills! Instead of dumping steel in a landfill, recycling it will prove to be an advantage in the sense that it produces a cleaner environment and lessens health concerns. Check out our blog on landfill Australia and tell us what you think!


3. Sustainability

Another advantage of recycling steel is sustainability. We all know that Earth contains limited resources. We can’t seriously hope to dig up and mine steel elements forever, right? With that being said, recycling steel reduces the need for that. Recycled steel provides a huge help in steel mills. Furthermore, you can recycle steel over and over again as it does not lose its quality. Whatever you use recycled steel for, I assure you that you using it is the correct way to go!


4. One steel recycling advantage is its easiness to recycle

Believe me when I say that steel recycling is relatively easy as opposed to other metals. According to Tampa Steel, you do not need to sort out steel by its size or colour when recycling it.


5. It Helps your company’s image

Nowadays, people have become more aware of the environment. Having a steel recycling programme in your company strengthens your business’s branding and image. You can announce it through your social media accounts, official website, or even press materials about your steel recycling implementation. Additionally, you can also just spread the word to people who visit your own business of your eco-friendly practices.


6. You reduce emissions

As stated above, the production of new steel requires so much energy. From the mining, transportation, and processing stages, much energy is consumed. As a result, this emits harmful gases that destroy the environment.

The mining stage produces carbon dioxide, a type of greenhouse gas. Furthermore, the transporting of steel burns gasoline, also emitting harmful gases in the air. It has a number of processes that proves to be hazardous like groundwater pollution and poisonous runoffs. Finally, the production process makes use of fossil fuels like coke coal.


7. You get paid to recycle

You heard that right, you can get money to recycle steel! Bring them to your local recycler and get paid. A win-win situation, if you ask me. You save the environment and improve the economy whilst getting paid.

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How to properly dispose of steel products

Before thinking about the advantages of steel recycling, you must first know how to dispose of steel and scrap metal products properly. Here are some general guidelines in recycling (courtesy of earth911):

  • Remember that your soon-to-be-recycled product should contain at least 50 per cent metal. Recycling facilities encourage you to send in metal products even if it contains other materials like plastic, etc.
  • If you have materials with little amounts of metal, separate the metal from the material. For example, try to remove the steel from spiral notebooks.
  • Identify first if the metal is ferrous or non-ferrous. Generally, you want it to be ferrous. In order to know, use a magnet. Ferrous metals stick to the magnet whilst non-ferrous does not.
  • Contact your local recycling facility for your recycling needs.
  • A quick tip: bring your identification card when you recycle to prevent people from stealing scrap metal and selling it for scrap.


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Where to send steel/metal for recycling and earning?

As mentioned above, you can get paid for recycling steel. In Australia, we have plenty of steel recyclers available all over the country. We share with you one metal recycling company that has facilities located in major metro areas below.


Sims Metal Australia

The first example we have for you is Sims Metal Australia. It is a metal recycling company that collects, deals with and distributes recycled metal, not just in Australia but also in other Australasian countries such as New Zealand. Amongst the plenty of services they provide includes buying scrap.

This steel/metal recycling company has plenty of metal recycling facility locations you can check by going to their website. For example, they have available locations in NSW, SA, WA and more.

Check their website for more information.


Steel recycling: conclusion

Recycling steel has so many advantages, as stated above. Remember that steel – or metal, as a whole – is limited. It is better to reduce new production on metal and focus more on recycling it, instead.

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