Sustainable Gardening 🌱: How do we make something already good for the environment much better? Of course, that is by making it more sustainable! WickWorming® has made sustainable gardening much more sustainable with their plant boxes. Learn more by reading our blog here.

If you ask us “Why should I start gardening all of a sudden?” we may refute you with “Why shouldn’t you?” For the longest time, many of us have repeatedly promoted the idea of gardening to others mainly because of its obvious benefits to the environment. Below are some of the positives of starting your own garden:


  • It helps your mind and body. First off, gardening helps you get the ample amount of exercise you need. Aside from it promoting weight loss as a result from the gardening activity, it can also reduce stress, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, along with plenty other benefits.
  • More importantly, gardening plays a vital role in positively impacting the environment. Plants, first and foremost, help us breathe better and get rid of harmful pollutants. For example, they absorb carbon dioxide whilst exhausting clean oxygen in the process.
  • Gardening promotes sustainability. To give you an example, organic waste such as food waste need not to be thrown in the rubbish. The soil in gardens can use it as organic waste, mixed together with browns, provides nutrients for the soil. Another example of sustainability is when you get fruits and vegetables from your plants. Instead of wasting resources such as fuel to go to a market and buy fruits and vegetables, you have the option of just gathering what you have at home.

There are loads of other benefits gardening has to offer, but stating them all would have us rambling on and on about it, so we shared some for you!

Doubling down on sustainability, did you know that an Aussie company made gardening more sustainable with their innovation? As mentioned above, WickWorming’s sustainable planter boxes have made gardening much more sustainable than it already is!  Find out more about WickWorming® below.


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Making gardening more sustainable with WickWorming® sustainable planter boxes

WickWorming’s sustainable planter boxes, or sustainable self-watering wicking planter boxes with in-ground worm farms, now gives Aussies the option of gardening in a more sustainable manner. No matter where you live, whether you live out in the suburbs or in a more urban area that can restrict you when it comes to starting a garden, WickWorming’s planter boxes may be the best option for you.


How do these planter boxes help?

WickWorming’s planter boxes help you become more sustainable as nothing is wasted because everything – the worms and the water – are put below the plants and are drawn upwards instead of above.

Called ‘wicking’, this term means drawing water through ‘capillary action’ that is caused due to surface tension and the interaction of adhesive and cohesive forces. Underground, the plants have the ability to ‘wick’ water and nutrients through the use of their roots, eventually absorbing it up into their trunks and leaves.

Wicking is a much more sustainable option as you can leave it for up to 4 weeks without the need for extra watering, hence the used term sustainable self-watering.

In addition, WickWorming also teamed up with the Worm Monger for their worming feature. As you may know, worms can help create a more sustainable garden because of various reasons we state below.

  1. They help increase the amount of air that enters into the soil.
  2. Worms can help break down (i.e., compost) organic matters faster for plants to use.
  3. Worming can also provide natural fertilisers. According to University of Illinois Extension, worms can make casting or vermicast that can help enrich the soil more. In other words, worm manure from eating compost materials can make gardening better and more sustainable at the same time!

What makes the WickWorming’s planter boxes effective is because it uses both of these features to make gardening more sustainable than it already is! With less water used and more organic waste breaking down easier thanks to the worms at the same time, these planter boxes are a must have for ‘going green’!


Organic waste options: organic waste bins by Waster

For small and medium Aussie businesses, we provide organic food waste services for you.

Organic waste services in 120 litre bin sizes: Please contact our customer service team for larger bin options. By removing food items from your general waste bin, you can reduce the weight and hence cost of waste management for your business and significantly boost your overall recycling performance.

And, as mentioned above, you also divert food waste from landfill!

Do not put a plastic bag or any other contaminants; facilities cannot treat them and they will ruin a whole batch.

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Sustainable gardening: Waster’s final thoughts

For those planning to start or have already started gardening, we recommend you use WickWorming’s planter boxes for a more sustainable gardening.

With that mentioned, we look forward to bringing with you more news on innovations that can make the world a tad bit better to live in.


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