Take My Bins Out 🗑️: I know some of you find it quite a hassle to move your bins on a regular basis. In my neighbourhood, I see so many bins full of rubbish. Additionally, I don’t see them moving their bins in the kerbside for collection. That leaves them with a bin full of rubbish, quite stinky and irritating to look at. What seems to be the problem for them? Let me break it down for you.


A bit about Waster

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Who can take my bins out?

rubbish bin

Before anything else, are you one of those people I described above? Well, not to worry! Someone can do the “dirty work” for you! Have you heard of the company myBins? If not, I will discuss them to you.

myBins is a company that provides assistance to people in moving their bins to the kerbside for collection. Furthermore, they also offer to clean and remove people’s bins. The company was founded by Joe Drew and Amos Michael. As a result of seeing his grandmother having a hard time taking out the garbage bins she owned, he was inspired to create myBins. Not only his grandmother but also his neighbours, he talked to them and found out that they had the same trouble.


Importance of moving trash to kerbside

Did you know that the average Australian produces about 1.5 tonnes of waste a year? I know what you’re thinking. “That is so much trash! I think I produce that much trash, too,” as stated by you. That just means you must prioritise moving out your full bin on a regular basis, or else it will impact your house and the community alike.

Here are just some of the bad effects of overflowing garbage bins (inspired by ECUBE):

  • This results in bins full insects, bacteria, and vermin – as a result of negligence on some people’s part in taking out the trash, this results in a dirty trash container full of different kinds of pests. Flies, rats, and different kinds of disease-carrying bacteria pesters your unchecked and unmoved bins. More come to it if you leave it unchecked. Now, you would not want the same flies in your trash bin flying around in your house, right?
  • This also results in air pollution – some rubbish produces putrid odour, mainly due to decomposing and liquid materials. But that is not the worst part; the worst part is the pollution it brings to the environment. It causes air pollution and deteriorates human health. By air pollution, I mean producing air contaminants like carbon dioxide and methane, both being types of greenhouse gases. And what I mean by deteriorating human health is it giving people respiratory diseases due to inhaling the air around the overflowing garbage bins.


Additional bad effects

  • Overflowing garbage bins causes water pollution – Some of the trash in overflowing garbage bins tend to go to bodies of water. This creates water pollution. As a result, aquatic wildlife animals like fish die due to pollution, as well as other land animals taking a drink in the contaminated water.
  • Coming in contact with it brings about other types of diseases – take note that while you are being exposed to respiratory health problems in overflowing garbage, you are also prone to get skin and blood infections if that overflowing garbage comes in physical contact with you.


Fines for leaving bins out in NSW

If you neglect your garbage and leave it out for long periods of time, then you can be subjected to hefty fines in the NSW state. Fines of up to 511 dollars can be imposed on you if you repeatedly keep leaving your bins out, causing significant public health and safety risks. Additionally, the Queensland state government also fines people or businesses up to 2,523 dollars if they leave their bins out. Check our blog on Queensland waste levy.


Take my bins out: further elaboration of myBin’s rubbish removal services

myBin’s services are very much helpful to the following people:

  • People who do not have the time to take out their garbage bins.
  • Elderly people incapable of carrying heavy objects.
  • Disabled people incapable of carrying a heavy load, much like elderly people.

Additionally, they can be a very big help for larger residential blocks or companies in need of someone to put their bins in the kerbside for collection.

“myBins is already trusted by thousands of households, unit blocks & commercial businesses,” according to various reviews in regards to their bin placement, rubbish removal, and wheelie bin cleaning services.

“If you require assistance getting the bin cleaning out to the curb for collection, you have come to the right place!”

Let us focus on myBin’s placement services.


Bin placement

First things first, myBins will come to your home, company building, etc. to provide you service in moving your bins. The said service is a cost-effective solution to your garbage moving needs.

They also pride themselves on providing a cost-effective solution to people’s bin night needs. “What/which bins do I put out?” Well, myBins makes sure to move your rubbish, with their goal in mind to never miss them. The price is 1 dollar per move.

So you can rest easy knowing your bins will be out/in – rain, hail or shine!


Take my bins out: conclusion

myBins provided NSW with amazing service. If you want to have your bins moved, give them a call or enquire on their official website. If you know anyone who has troubles in moving their rubbish, tell them about myBins.


Waster: things you need to know

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