Teaching Recycling To Students: at Waster.com.au, we often receive requests from school groups asking for information about teaching recycling to students in Australia for usage in school projects etc. As Waster is committed to educating customers, as well as the wider community on waste and recycling matters, we are always keen to help in this regard. You will find below some of the links we suggest to people to get started in researching the waste industry sector – of course this information can also be useful in helping businesses achieve some savings in their waste procurement.



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We provide links and commentary below on good resources for teaching recycling to students and school pupils.



Teaching Recycling To Students: waste resources page


The first port of call on our website should be our waste resources page – where we provide access to up to date waste industry information sites such as EPA websites in each state and other useful sites helping improve recycling etc and decreasing costs for businesses.



The first doc we always recommend is our own “Free Business owners guide for waste services” – in this free document we cover (in a light and plain English manner) questions such as:


–  Recycling can often be cheaper than throwing everything in the rubbish bin

–  How long do you want to sign a contract for?

– Is your bin the best size for your business?

– Can I book additional services when I have a busy period?

– Will my prices increase over time?

– Can I use my environmental performance for advertising?

– Are some landfills better than others?

–  My supplier claims my General Waste is recycled – can this be true?

– People have been talking about bin weights and density – what is that about?

– Why would I want a lock on my bin?


Australian Waste industry overviews

If you want a more in depth coverage of the Australian waste management industry, the following papers certainly are packed with detail – if a bit dry for casual reading. Again, these are listed in our waste resources section.


recycling articles for students


Waster blogs on the waste sector

Waster publishes regular blogs on diverse topics covering waste management and recycling – whilst many of these are aimed at the commercial requirements of customers, their is also a lot of good info for students or anyone interested in the sector. You can find our blog here and suggested articles below that may be of interest to students:

Garbage bin stickers – free templates

Organic waste solutions – food waste treatment

Rebates available for recycling in NSW

Commingled recycling – and how this can help recycling improvements

How to put in place a basic waste management plan for a business, school etc

Cleaning bins – it’s a dirty business!

Cardboard recycling – why it can be very cheap.

What is the right bin size to use?

Should you put a lock on your bin?

Density and weights of bins and why it is important

Why recycling and reducing business costs can go hand in hand.

Why plastic is destroying the world

Can we power our cities with waste

Waste management of the future.


I think that should be enough info to get any student or school group off to a good start (teaching recycling to students). We always welcome students or school groups seeking information – send us an email etc if you have any queries.


Check out the rest of our website for recycling videos for students.