Waste and Recycling Contracts: To help business minimise their environmental footprint and waste spend, the Queensland Government produced a very useful document entitled Rethink Waste, A Guide to Reviewing Waste and Recycling Contracts. The document can be accessed via our waste resources page (alongside a lot of other useful information. If you live on the Goldie you can check out a guide to waste management Gold Coast here.


Issues covered in waste and recycling contracts document.

The document is very in line with the customer education that Waster believes in and should be considered before you make a choice on your waste and recycling provider. The useful PDF covers a number of topics including:


A. What is and isn’t included in the contract?

B. What are the charges for the services provided?

C,What services will be delivered for the life of the contract?


The document goes on to provide a useful question check list that could help any business owner when they are considering a waste or recycling contract. Questions asked include:


“Some waste or recycling collection contracts may contain automatic renewal or extension clauses. This means that contracts might automatically renew or be extended if a business does not notify the waste or recycling contractor that it does not wish to extend or renew its contract. The contract may also specify the time within which a business has to notify. If this is an issue for the business, the business should discuss it with their waste or recycling contractor or seek appropriate legal advice.”


“What are the start and end dates of the contract?”


“Will the contract automatically roll over into a new contract at the completion of the contract period?”


“If the contract period ends, do collection services go off contract and is this charged at a different rate?”


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All in all, it is a very useful document and Waster recommends any small business owner seeking rubbish removal Brisbane should read it before signing a waste or recycling contract.


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