Waste Collection Prices: In the Australian waste industry, the first of July each year is when most traditional waste companies increase their service prices (this is industry practise – and landfills, councils, states etc all adjust rates usually) – and in recent years, many companies have been increasing their waste collection prices more than once a year. In some cases – commercial waste collection prices increases have been of 10-20% or more.


When you are signed up to a long term contract there is very little you can do it this context. See our blog on Sydney waste services for more detail. This is extra important this year due to the increase in costs such as electricity for business.


This issue is particularly pertinent in 2019 – as the Queensland Government is going to reintroduce a sizable waste levy on dumping at landfill. At time of writing – this is expected to be $75.00+GST per tonne – which will be a real impact on many businesses.


How Waster can provide you with cost effective waste management


Waster offers a real alternative for small and medium Australian businesses through our flexible 30 day agreements, no lock in contracts and no hidden extras. You can check out your bin size options and costs through our online waste shop as below:


Waste collection prices – Waster keeps recycling services flat for 2017


Waster is really focused on keeping prices stable as much as possible and has held a number of prices – such as for our recycling bin services from 2017/18 – this covers services such as cardboard recycling, commingled recycling, confidential shredding bins, sanitary bins.


We have adjusted general waste bin prices very slightly – minimising any cost increase to customers. The pricing adjustments are mostly based on increased landfill levies from operators. For example – the landfill levy has increased in NSW:


“The 2017–18 waste levy rates apply from 1 July 2017. The waste levy rate calculation is prescribed in the Waste Regulation as follows:

  • Metropolitan Levy Area: $138.20 per tonne
  • Regional Levy Area: $79.60 per tonne.”


Waster has been able to minimise any increase in commercial waste collection prices for our customers by using our buying power to maintain stable prices and also through improved use of technology which enables us to keep our own costs low.


We offer our customers a price comparison guarantee for waste collection prices – so you can have confidence in our services:


Our waste collection prices match guarantee – we will match any written or emailed “like for like” quote for the services as described above. You can be confident that you are receiving excellent pricing from Waster as well as excellent service.


Commercial waste collection prices


As we operate on 30 day agreements – you can say it is in our interest to keep prices as flat as possible for as long as possible.


At the end of the day – we want to work with our customer for the long term.


Referral program – giving a bit back to our loyal customers.


As another method of reducing costs and commercial waste collection prices for our customers – Waster operates a customer referral program whereby you will receive $50+GST of your next invoice for every successful customer referral you provide.


You are not limited in the number of referrals you can make – so please mention to us if you have mentioned us to your friends and neighbours.



See our blog on why a budget waste management service does not mean a low quality service.