Waste collection service: the waste industry is certainly paying attention to the hard hitting expose of the Australian waste collection and disposal industries (Trashed: The Dirty Truth About Your Rubbish). The tv show made for pretty interesting viewing for many reasons – you can see the show here on the ABC website.


In this blog post today – we do not intend to discuss any of the issues raised in the show – and will leave that to people to view and make their own mind up. We just think it is worthwhile for people in the industry and customers to be aware of the issues raised.


First – a bit about Waster


Waster offers low cost waste collection service and recycling services to small and medium Australian businesses. We operate in all major metro regions across the country and strive to offer a real difference to customers with our flexible 30 day agreements and no hidden fees. You can check out your bin options and compare prices through our waste portal below:


Waste collection service – interesting questions raised by ABC TV show


In our blogs Waster covers progress being made by the waste industry such as improvements in recycling and environmental outcomes – so it is difficult to watch the negative light being placed on the sector – however, we recognise it is vital to continually improve and do the best for customers and the environment.


Of course – we have also covered some tougher questions about the Aussie waste management industry in recent months. We have asked fundamentally difficult questions on topics like – is recycling a waste of time – and is prevention better than cure – i.e. should we just stop using plastic in the first place (and the answer to that one is yes!). Check out one of our videos as below:



Some of the comments from the story include: “There’ll be an uproar when communities or residents know.” Waste company manager.


“It’s a licence to print money. The people in the street have got no idea. No idea at all.” Community activist.


waste collection service Australia


“The rogue element have continued to fly under the radar and the good part of the industry have had to pay the penalty for that.” Industry Insider


“We need to lift the lid on the waste industry and show people what is actually happening.” Community activist


These are some pretty interest raising statements – we will not comment – but recommend you check out the show and make up your own mind.


Conclusion on the War on Waste tv expose


At Waster -we are very much of the opinion that actual success in recycling – whether business or residential – requires the aspects below:


– waste to be separated

– a collection service to be available

– a facility to be available to recycle it

– someone to actually use the recycled product

– and a financial reason – i.e. profit or government support.


As you will see in our regular blogs – when recycling breaks down – it is because one of the issues as above is faulty or missing.


It is very easy to blame supposedly dodgy waste collection service companies – but in many cases – what is supposedly recycling is actually contaminated rubbish.


There is a lot of blame to be apportioned in the environmental fiasco that is modern Australia – but the real culprits are more widespread than just waste collection service trucking companies.


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