If you are a smart business owner – getting the best priced services is vital to your ongoing profitability and business survival. Waste management fees can represent a sizeable cost for many businesses – and so it is prudent to keep a close eye on how much you are paying.


In today’s blog – we cover the annual increase in pricing – and ask what sort of price increase or increase in waste management fees would most Australian business owners expect to see in 2018.


A little bit about Waster


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Waste management fees – what sort of increase in bin expenses can you expect in July 2018?


You may have received a price increase letter from your bin collection company – detailing increased waste management fees – and you may be wondering how this increase is calculated.


We will cover a number of points as below.


Commingled recycling


The Australian recycling industry has faced a crisis due to China not accepting further shipments of low grade recycling. This has led to some local councils even ending their commingled recycling service completely.


waste management fees 2018


It has also resulted in companies increasing the price of commingled recycling services. In some areas such as Brisbane – commingled bins will almost be the same price as general waste.


Your contract


You need to take a good look at your waste contract – if you have signed a multi year contract with a waste management business.


These contracts often allow the supplier to increase costs as they so wish.


If rates greatly increase – you really have to be open to having a discussion / argument with them re the prices.


Landfill levies


July 1st is usually the date that State Governments increase the landfill levy – i.e. the tax on dumping general waste at landfill.


Whilst this levy is supposed to incentivise recycling – it still is a real cost to business.


For example, from 1st July 2018 – the NSW levy impacting Sydney increased from $138.20 per tonne to $141.20 per tonne. In 2010 the levy was only $58.50 per tonne!


Qld levy introduction


Whilst Queensland has not introduced a waste levy yet – they plan to introduce one in early 2019 – of $70 per tonne.


This will clearly have a sizeable impact on waste management fees for all businesses in QLD.


Weight of bins

Basically the heavier your bins on average – the more your costs will increase.


This is because the cost to dump at landfill is based on the weight – and so the heavier the bin – the more expensive.


Extra fees and charges


You should check whether you are paying any additional fees such as delivery fees, site fees, bin rentals or environmental fees.



Waster aims to keep as many prices as flat as possible in 2019 – we will be announcing our new rates shortly.


Our business intention is to help small companies minimise their waste and recycling costs – and flat pricing is a large part of that effort.