Waste Management Side Loader 🚛: There is no denying that waste management involves a lot of intricate work. From the time of waste collection up to its processing, the ones involved in dealing with it should do so with efficiency.

Failure to do so would result in inefficient waste management. This includes the use of garbage trucks to collect, transport, and dispose of waste.

In this blog, we will discuss the automated side loader and its efficiency, as well as some of its advantages. Read on to learn more.

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What type of waste management garbage truck is a side loader?

Not all garbage trucks apply to places, depending on the setting. Naturally, some trucks are going to be more useful than those of the others.

In areas with limited spaces like alleyways or residential homes, the truck used needs to serve its function even with the limited space present. So, the side loader garbage trucks are the best for this.

But, first of all, what is a side loader?

To answer, a side loader is a garbage truck wherein the hydraulic arm that carries the container operates from the side, as the name suggests.

According to Big Truck Rental, a source of rental garbage trucks in North America, The arms differ in lifting capacity; the strongest hydraulic arm can lift as much as 1,600 pounds. This applies to the later, high-end models built to carry that much weight.

For you to understand how the hydraulic arm works, you can playfully think of it as a kid getting his or her favourite toy inside a hydraulic-powered claw machine.


Side loader’s efficiency and advantages in waste management

Now, we will discuss the advantages of having an automated side loader and its efficiency in waste management.

As stated, side loaders are beneficial for residential neighbourhoods. First, the truck only requires one driver; it does not need another person to go out of the truck and empty the bin. The truck operator only needs to utilise the hydraulic arm from the side of the truck, pick up the trash using the said arm, and dump it in the hopper.

The driver of the side loader garbage truck can just halt to the side of the container, obviously, and not have to position the truck directly behind the bin container.

Another advantage you can think of is, as stated, that you only need one person to operate all of this; it reduces injuries related to waste collection due to the repetitive lifting of heavy bins. Therefore, this can reduce a waste management company’s pricey medical costs if they invest in these trucks.

Additionally, it can pick up waste on hard-to-drive roads such as those curvy or circular roads. What this means is waste management companies can offer their services to those areas previously not possible thanks to side loader garbage trucks.


The need for garbage trucks in general

Now that we have discussed the needs, advantages, and efficiency of side loader garbage trucks in waste management, I would also like to discuss another thing as well; how important are garbage trucks, in general?

As a kid, I truly loved seeing garbage trucks. They just seem to give off this cool vibe when they come near houses and see the waste collector pick up the trash. Additionally, with the implementation of technology, garbage trucks, for me, became even cooler.

In the past, garbage trucks were mainly horse-drawn carts and dump truck bodies of the late 1800s.  But now, there are more advanced, state-of-the-art garbage trucks with technology like cameras, IT applications, and other sophisticated diagnostics, and as I have mentioned earlier, the hydraulic arms used to pick up the bin and dump the trash into the hopper.

All of this is to make waste management practices easier, faster, and more efficient.

Automated side loader garbage trucks are very beneficial for waste management, as previously mentioned. But, other trucks are also beneficial in other situations. For example, you can read our blogs tackling front load bins and rear load bins, in which different trucks are used, namely front load and rear load garbage trucks.

This all depends on the weight of the bin, along with the area in which the bin is located. Those all factor into the type of truck needed to pick up and transport the waste.


But, what makes garbage trucks, in general, important today is safety. Waste management is consistently considered to be one of the most dangerous professions in today’s world. So, it is no surprise that technology was implemented on it to make the industry safer. With all of the technology and automation involved, the role of the driver and waste collectors become fewer and fewer; and the role will only continue to become fewer in the following years due to technological and automation advancements.


Waste management side loader: conclusion

A side loader garbage truck can help expand a waste management company’s reach; previously inaccessible areas like alleyways will become accessible. Additionally, it is also the preferred option to collect waste from residential settings.

To add, garbage trucks, in general, are a huge help to the waste management industry. Not only does it make the job (e.g. collecting, transporting, and processing waste) easier, but it also helps keep the operators and collectors safe and injury-free.

You can check out this video, discussing different bin weights and densities carried by different types of garbage trucks:

YouTube video


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