Waste removal Sydney: As the weather is improving in Sydney and we roll into summer time, Mr Waster is spending a bit more thought on his small swimming pool in the back yard and ensuring it is in good condition for the summer.


I had a guy round from the local pool shop to talk me through pool maintenance and what I needed to do to keep it in good upkeep. It is a bit like commercial waste removal services – i.e. it is something we do not want to think too much about or spend much money on – but some simple steps can certainly pay dividends and save you lots of headaches and money.


In this short article we will run through some simple steps your business can easily follow to get a great service and save some money on commercial waste removal Sydney services.


A. Check out Waster online prices for commercial waste removal Sydney services online today


The first step to check if you can save money on your business waste management and r waste removal Sydney services is to check the equivalent prices online (in real time) through the Waster online waste shop.


We offer comprehensive waste and recycling services covering all major waste streams (if you are looking for a waste stream not shown, simply contact us and we will quote a competitive price for the service).


Waster is the only waste management company in Australia in 2019 that publishes pricing and bin options for businesses online. With other waste companies – you will need to wait for a rep to visit – and of course they will likely want you to sign a long term contract also!


B. Find out why you do not need to sign a long term contract for waste removal Sydney services

Waster offers all our waste management and recycling services for small and medium Aussie companies like yours on flexible 30 day agreements – this means you no longer need to sign a multi year, restrictive contract (potentially with early exit penalties) to arrange commercial bin services for your business.


commercial waste removal sydney


There is really no benefit to any customer in signing a long term contract and to be honest there are a long list of negative impacts.


Negative impacts on your business could include:


– Having to pay a cancellation fee if you need to end services

– Facing annual rate increases – that will be way above what you originally signed up at.

– Not being able to cancel – even if the service is low quality or unreliable.


Check out our blog which details the benefits behind a flexible 30 day agreement here – note: Waster only adjusts our rates once per annum, though we do sometimes reduce them – as we did in Melbourne recently!).


As an online business – our objective is to keep selling services to more potential customers – which means our prices stay sharp and competitive. At the end of the day – if you are on a 30 day rolling agreement, we would be foolish to increase rates too much!


Also check out our terms and conditions and detail on pricing policy here.

C. Benefit from excellent customer service
Waster is a business focused on small and medium Australian customers (for commercial waste removal Sydney)- whereas some other waste companies focus more on larger national businesses.


We are able to offer lower prices, more flexible agreements and enhanced customer service in this regard. We reply to all customer queries the business day they are submitted and seek to rectify any issues such as missed collections as soon as possible.



We do not charge hidden or unexpected fees such as site fees, bin rentals etc – after all, on a flexible 30 days agreement customers can leave us if we do not do what we say we will do!


Check out our recent article on Brisbane rubbish collection or waste bins Brisbane for details on why you do not need a long term contract in 2019 or 2020.


The waste industry is constantly evolving – with new recycling options coming all stream – to counteract the seemingly ever increasing state waste levies. Check out our short video as above for info on what the future of commercial rubbish removal Sydney may look like in the near future!


Of course – give us a call on 1300 927 837 if you have any queries re your existing commercial waste removal Sydney and we will be really excited to help your business out.