Julius the dog rummaging through trashWhy Is My Dog Going Through The Trash? 🐶: Alongside the introduction of yet another one of our remarkable characters, we give you some background and tips on dogs rummaging through the rubbish. Be sure to read on to learn more. 

Who does not love dogs, right? They are friendly, playful, lovable and loyal. I could ramble on and on about a dog’s good traits!

Another one of our characters, Julius the dog, possesses all of the traits said above and more. However, there is one catch… he regularly scans through the trash and proceeds to make a mess. Why does this keep happening?

Below, we talk about two topics: first, we introduce to you Julius the lovable dog, and second, we cover why dogs go through the trash.


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Before we go further and learn who Julius is, specifically its background and why it, along with other dogs, loves going through the trash, let me share with you more information about Waster.

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Introducing Julius the dog and why it, along with other dogs, loves rummaging through trash

First off, we introduce to you Julius the dog! We provide some information about it below.


Name: Julius

Julius the dog rummaging through trash again
Julius the dog rummaging through trash again!

Dog breed: Cavoodle or Cavapoo

Age: 2 years old

Appearance: This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle hybrid has luscious white and a bit of ruby-coloured locks called an Apricot coat. Julius the Cavoodle dog, without immersing itself through trash, smells and looks extraordinarily clean, mainly due to a diligent and loving owner. Even with its small stature, make no mistake: he has more energy than athletes completely warmed up for their sports!


More on Julius the dog

Personality: Like any other dog, Julius loves playtime! One can always see him playing with its owner, a little boy called Dustin. Whilst everyone loves his cute and playful side, Julius does tend to get a bit rowdy and cause quite a mess. Specifically, this dog rummages through trash because he gets bored whenever Dustin goes to school, therefore soiling his otherwise pristine locks.

Backstory: Dustin’s parents initially did not want to own a dog. After all, owning a dog gives one additional responsibility and extra spending. With a bit of a tantrum from Dustin, however, his parents eventually gave in and got Julius. Now, although it can get quite cheeky and rummage through trash, Dustin and his parents would not trade Julius the dog for anything in this world!


An explanation as to why dogs love going through trash

Now that you have met Julius, you may have also thought about your own dog and its tendency to rummage through your trash. Well, there is an explanation for that.

This behaviour dates back to ancient times, according to dog experts. Back when humans were just starting to domesticate wolves and raise them into the dogs that we know today, wolves used to live in close proximity to human villages.

Why would they live close to humans which resulted in them being captured and domesticated? The answer to that is that they wanted to scavenge our trash for food.

Fast forward to today, and reasons vary as to why dogs go through the trash, but it all boils down to their common canine behaviour.

  • They are hungry and want food to eat.
  • Dogs are curious as to what is inside the trash bin.
  • They are just bored, closely related to being curious.
  • Dogs can become quite anxious and cause quite a bit of mess.


How to stop a dog from going through trash

There are a couple of ways to stop a dog from rummaging through rubbish as an owner.

  1. Make sure you keep your dog well-fed. If it gets hungry, the dog tends to smell and find food on its own. Avoid it raiding your trash by feeding it small meals throughout the day. On a side note, if you want your dog to avoid getting fat, then feed him high-fibre foods that will help keep him full for a long time.
  2. Secure your trash bin. Place your bin in a strategic location with a tight lid so that your dog can’t get to what’s inside.
  3. Spend time with your dog. If you can help it, you should spend more playing and engagement time with your dog so that it doesn’t go bored or anxious. You can also opt to leave him with engaging toys so that even when you’re not around, you can make sure to keep your dog preoccupied.
  4. Train your dog to avoid the trash. For your dog to avoid rummaging through the trash, train it. For example, clap your hands real loud and shout “stop!” or “off!” whenever he goes near the trash.


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