Yellow bin mixed recycling: because Mr Waster is an extremely cultured type of person, he was recently watching the highly regarded French language movie trilogy “Three Colours” – for those who have not seen the movies – it is based on the colours of the French flag – Blue, white and red and deals with such themes as liberty, equality, fraternity.


Seeing as Mr Waster is interested in helping small and medium Australian businesses boost recycling – he thought he would do a series of blogs called – “Three colours – bins”. What do you think?


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We have also published a blog on commingled recycling – and why it should be a vital step in driving recycling for your business.


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We will start with Yellow:


Yellow bin mixed recycling to help reduce your business waste spend


Commingled (also spelled co-mingled) or mixed recycling is probably the most versatile recycling service available to most Australian small businesses as most containers can be collected in the same bin.


Brisbane City Council has published a useful document helping people work out how they can recycling more – whilst the booklet is aimed at residents – it can also be useful for business owners.


You can dispose of mixed, clean containers such as newspapers, brochures etc, cardboard packaging, milk and juice cartons, plastic bottles or containers, glass bottles and jars, steel or aluminium cans.


If you have large quantities of say glass (such as if you operate a bar or restaurant – you may want to consider a crushed glass collection).


The mixed recycling bin should not contain items such as food scraps or waste, plastic bags, polystyrene etc – see post on recycling centre. Check out our recent blog on waste disposal Melbourne.


Also – see the blog on resource recovery centre for info on how the commodities collected are processed.


Commingled recycling can be a core part of a waste management strategy – see our blog on the topic in 2018 at business waste management Australia.




Using a commingled recycling bin can be the perfect next step in your recycling journey after a cardboard bin,


It is practical and convenient and means you can put numerous recycling commodities in the same bin.


It is best practise to rinse the items first.


The only real no-nos for this bin are as below:


Do not include bagged waste – all items should be lose. If the waste is bagged it may be rejected by the collection truck.


No organic waste or general garbage – this will mess with the recycling process.


You can check out the short instructional video as below detailing what should be and what should not be included in a yellow recycling bin on pickup day: